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Ever wish someone would hold your hand through the process of starting and building a senior photography business? Well, this course was designed just for you! This self-paced course teaches you everything you need to know from marketing to client experience to posing and workflows...I'm sharing it ALL.

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This 7-module, 33 lesson online course

will walk you through everything you’ve been asking to know about my senior photography business. From marketing to social media to client experience to posing to difficult situations and hours of shooting footage...this course covers it ALL.

Nothing is left off the table and no question is left unanswered. 


you find yourself wondering...


How do you market a senior photography business?


How do you get your clients to trust you to put them in poses that may feel awkward!?



Your senior experience looks like so much fun! How do you build that relationship with your clients? 

How can you share digital files with your client and still make money on prints and products?


How do you always have new poses instead of doing the same thing every time? 


How do you market successfully to both seniors and their parents?



How are you booked months in advance!? 


Thoughts from real courSe students:

"Honestly, THIS is by far the best senior course available."

- Tabitha


"I'm booking so fast I can't keep up! The day I watched the marketing module and followed Hope's advice I was able to book THREE sessions by that afternoon! My clients are now finding me though word of mouth and not by price shopping - all thanks to Hope's marketing strategies and education on providing an unforgettable senior experience! The Senior Business Course is so much more than just posing and booking senior clients! It is literally jam packed with incredibly thorough education on senior clients I didn't even know I needed in my business! After following Hope's marketing advice, I was able to book three clients in one day! If you're even considering jumping into senior photography, this course has EVERYTHING you need!"


"When starting the course I wasn’t very clear on how to grow my senior photography business. I felt stuck and didn’t know how to get the clients I dream of. I absolutely adored all of the live shooting videos, you learn alllll the information then get to watch Hope in real time implement it!! So, you will no longer be at a session lost on which poses to do next. I truly feel that this course is the reason why I am booking more and gained so much more confidence when shooting. Hope takes information and makes it so you can truly understand and process what it actually means. She doesn’t leave you guessing on your own! This course WILL change your business. It already has done so for mine!"


"When I jumped in to this course, I was immediately blown away by all of the education, resources and information Hope shared. Not only does she include posing seniors, but she also includes posing couples + friends + groups. In addition to that, she also covers everything from her booking process, workflow, gallery delivery and SO much more!  Before taking this course, I was lucky to be able to include 30-40 images in my client gallery. I am now delivery client galleries with 80-100+ images! One common thing I hear from my senior clients (and their parents) is "How are we ever going to be able to pick our favorites?! There are so many that we love!"Y'all, this course is packed full of information that you can implement for your business right away! You will begin seeing changes immediately."


"I have taken all of Hope's course and I'm always so amazed at the content she provides, and this course was no different! The way she breaks everything down so simply makes it easy to apply to your business and allows you to truly UNDERSTAND why you're doing something rather than just copying what everyone else is doing. I knew what I was doing before (all thanks to Hope's previous courses!!) but now I feel like I can elevate my senior services to be viewed as a high-end brand and that's something I've been wanting to do for years now!! For a while now I've felt stuck in my business, always doing the same thing and getting bored. But by implementing Hope's workflows I'm actually able to have MORE freedom and MORE variety and it doesn't feel like I'm doing the same thing, it feels like I'm being creative and growing and truly enjoying what I do!"






WHAT'S included:

In this module, we’ll be talking all about the VALUE of posing in your business. You’ll get to see a behind-the-scenes look of what my posing USED to look like versus what it looks like in my business now. We’ll analyze the areas in your business that may be causing you to have poor posing techniques, and the negative ways this could be affecting your business. Finally, we’ll talk about why having a client experience is vital to the success of your business - and the most important pieces of the puzzle to make it happen. 

This entire module is brand new to the Senior Business Course - and it's some of the most requested lessons! In these 4 lessons we will walk through all of my biggest marketing strategies, step-by-step, and my secrets to growing my business from a hobby to a 6-figure income in just one year. We'll be talking about social media, vendor relationships, word-of-mouth referrals, marketing directly to PARENTS and more with an inside look at how I apply all of these strategies to my business.



Module 1:

"THE VALUE AND BASICS OF Senior portraits 
(3 lessons)

Module 2:

"mastering marketing"
(4 lessons) 

We will be breaking down my entire senior experience from the moment my clients find me (on social media or on my website) all the way until their gallery is delivered. When do I share my packages and pricing? How do I deliver my pricing? What emails do I send my clients and when? What documents do they receive before their session? How do I accept payments and contracts? How do I handle the shooting day and continue the excitement - even after the shoot has ended? All of these questions (and more!) are answered inside this module alone.

Module 3:

"The senior experience"
(6 lessons)

In this module we are going to talk about the vital pieces of posing senior clients. How to flatter body types, maintain control at your sessions, get more variety in your galleries, make your clients FEEL amazing and leave YOU feeling confident before, during and after every single shoot. We'll also analyze how I start every single one of my senior sessions...and why the first 15 minutes of every shoot is VITAL to the client's experience. 

You’ll get to take a behind-the-scenes look at my entire posing breakdown. You’ll see how I break down my posing structure to be manageable and easy-to-follow while still allowing me to capture variety at every session. You’ll watch me work with real senior clients, explain all of my thought processes and work in real time. You’ll also get TWO full, uncut senior sessions with clients that I have never worked with before! This module contains HOURS of real shooting footage from real senior sessions.

Module 4:

"The posing Basics"
(3 lessons)

Module 5:

"The Senior Posing Sequence"
(10 lessons)

When photographing seniors, you can’t be successful with only knowing senior posing. Your client may want to bring along their family, friend, significant other or maybe even their pet - so you need to have all of that knowledge to pull out of your “posing tool belt”. But, not to worry! We will cover all of that and more in this module so you never go into a session feeling unprepared - no matter who they bring along. You'll even get to see me work with my spokesmodel team of over 20 seniors!

Module 6:

"The tool belt" 
(6 lessons)

A complete break down of some of the most common difficult situations that senior photographers encounter. For this module, I share some of my own difficult situations - and sourced some from senior photographers around the country. How do you handle an overbearing mom at a senior session? What do you do if your client can’t afford professional hair and makeup? What if they ask for RAW files or unedited images? 10 of the most common difficult situations are made easy in this final module! 

The "bonus" section of this course is almost as jam-packed as the course itself! It contains a 100 page workbook for you to apply everything you'll learn, additional video lessons like "what's in my bag", a Q&A with a LIVE studio audience of photographers, access to my very own client documents (like my questionnaire, style guide, email templates, etc.) and more! 

Module 7:

"Difficult Scenarios" 


Video lessons, workbooks, client questionnaires + more!

One of the BEST parts of purchasing one of my online courses? Having an online community to support you every single step of the way. Come join over 400 photographers from across the globe where you can ask questions, celebrate your wins, dive deeper into the content + get continued support from Hope! I promise it is one of the most FUN, friendly + encouraging places on the internet! 


the most fun + supportive place on the internet!



•  HOURS of video content to complete at your own pace
•  7 modules with 33 video lesson (+ 3 video bonuses)

•  A walk through of my ENTIRE senior experience from social media marketing to inquiry all the way through gallery delivery...no stone is left unturned!

• LIFETIME access to all content in this course

•  Every single one of my senior poses...my entire shooting workflow is inside this course! 

•  36 video lessons + Q&A recorded with a LIVE studio audience of photographers  

•  15 video lessons of LIVE shooting with REAL senior clients

• "Cheat sheet" posing workbooks to keep in your pocket at senior sessions so you never get stuck again!

•  Uncut footage from TWO real senior sessions with NEW clients (that I’ve never worked with before!)

•  My very own documents from my senior experience…including my questionnaire, gear checklist, must-have programs, senior style guide and more! 

•  A 100 page workbook with activities, email templates + assignments to help you apply the content you learn 

• Access to the most supportive + EXCITED online community of course students to help answer questions, cheer you on and celebrate alongside you! 


100 page workbook containing assignments, graphics, email templates + more to help you apply what you learn 
"What's in My Bag" Video 
Q&A with LIVE studio audience of photographers 
Spokesmodel Shooting Demo (working with 20+ seniors)
Senior Style Guide, Senior Questionnaire + Gear Checklist documents
Online community of HUNDREDS of photographers excited to come alongside you on your journey




did someone say...

hear what your fellow photographers have to say

"trust me that you need this course."

– destinee

"I feel as if the senior part of my business has been completely transformed after this course! I used to be terrified of posing...now I can have a 2 hour senior session and have SO much variety in my posing from start to finish. Hope touched on absolutely everything I’ve ever had questions on and left me feeling so much more confident and ready to shoot any senior session and tackle any situation that comes my way, whether it’s posing the senior individually or with their best friend – I can do it all! I no longer dread freezing up in the middle of a session worried about what pose I’m going to do next because this course have given me all of the tools that I need to be successful with my posing and achieve images that look natural, real, and genuine, rather than unnatural and stiff! I can’t place a value on this course! It’s TRANSFORMING!"


" I started the Senior Business Course right when I got the email last night and I'm BLOWN away! I appreciate the quality of your video footage so much from lessons to live shoots – I can't even tell you how many courses I've invested in where it looks like it was shot on an iPhone and it makes me question the investment. That has never been the case with your education!! I appreciate the time and effort YOU put in on your end to deliver us such an insanely valuable course! I'm always so impressed with how simply you explain everything and make it so applicable for anyone to pull from. All of your marketing tips are relevant even being years into my business."


“Before taking the Senior BusinessCourse I felt like my senior experience was just okay and lacking certain elements and “flow”. I found myself sometimes stumped at sessions with brain blanks and moving on from great locations or beautiful outfits because of it. After completing Hope’s course, I feel SO inspired and pumped to fill in the gaps my own experience was lacking in, starting from the very beginning after a senior books my services! You will not be disappointed in this course, Hope absolutely covers it all from start to finish! She gives you all the tools (plus more) in how to bring your senior experience to the next level, from educating them right off the bat about style, how to prep, what to expect, making them feel like their BEST selves during the shoot so that they have only the best experience. Now, when my clients leave their shoots, they can’t help but to feel so awesome and so inclined to talk about me to EVERYONE!!!”


I no longer hesitate, awkwardly pull out my phone and sneakily look at Pinterest images, or worry about having my seniors look stiff and unnatural!”

“I used to FREEZE at the thought of so many areas of my business because I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. But, thanks to Hope, I’m so much more confident and EXCITED to tackle them!”

“There is so much content in the course that it’s perfect for beginners AND experienced photographers!”

“Prior to the Senior Business Course, my senior sessions were always a jumbled mess of posing prompts that didn’t flow together at all. I had all of these ideas in my head, but I had no way to break them down into a system of core poses. After taking Hope’s course, I’ve been able to establish a workflow for efficiently shooting seniors, leading to more variety in my seniors’ galleries!”

This course has TRANSFORMED my business. Hope’s willingness to be so open and transparent about what she does and why she does it was so refreshing. Everything that she does is so purposeful and her insight is beyond helpful. Implementing everything that I’ve learned from this course has helped me gain confidence in not only posing, but in my senior experience as a whole. Investing in this course was the smartest decision ever.”
“Hope gives you every detail you will need to run a senior photography company! It is so worth the money! I have more confidence in posing, talking to the parents/ seniors, helping them pick out outfits and my images! I owe all that to Hope!! I never thought I could have senior images like this!! This course is a must have for all senior photographers!!

how much  does it all cost?

• In-person experience (requires travel costs) 
• 16+ hours
• Limited seats available + sell out quickly 

Two-Day in-person workshops

ONE payment
of $447

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THIS COURSE IS A VALUE OF ALMOST $900, but you can have instant access FOR ONLY

• 8+ hours of video content
• Lifetime access
• Self-paced learning
• Footage of me working with REAL clients
• All of my very own documents + programs 
• Private, supportive Facebook community
• Uncut senior session
• Q+A from real photographers
• & more! 

course value

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but why learn from me?

I can still remember the days I sat in my high school classroom with a head full of big dreams. I was answering emails on my phone under the desk, skipping dances and pep rallies for meetings and hustling hard to make my dreams a reality. I had no idea if being a full-time business owner was even a possibility…but I knew that I was going to hustle harder than ever to make it happen. 

In the last 11 years, I have been through so many seasons of business: seasons of doubt and insecurity, seasons of never feeling good enough, seasons of not knowing how in the world I was going to make this work and seasons where I was ready to give up. Wherever you are right now, however you are feeling, I’ve been there. I see you. And I am cheering you on every step of the way.

Through hard work and hustle and a whole lot of learning, I’ve been able to build a six-figure photography business doing what I love every day. And, even better: I have my LIFE back. I’ve implemented workflows and resources that allow me to be in control of my business, instead of my business controlling me.

With a passion for business strategy and marketing, and a heart for education, I want to provide you with the practical tools and knowledge you need to grow a successful, profitable business built in service and love.  

I'm convinced. Let's do this.

I want to enroll in the coursse!

straight from the source

"I never thought I could have senior images like this!!"

“I used to struggle with having variety in my poses and not being repetitive during my shoots. I also didn’t feel like I was giving my clients the full experience that they deserved. Before every session, I used to feel nervous and unprepared. I would get on Pinterest and Google search senior girl poses so I would have ideas of what to do, so that I would not freeze up during the session (but I still sometimes did!) Since completing this course I feel completely confident in my posing and I do not feel nervous anymore. I am super excited! I do not have to Pinterest ideas in the car ride over. I also do not freeze up because I’m out of ideas or do not know what to do next. I have a routine and a method that I just go through during each session. 
This year I have tripled the amount of seniors that I had last year. I also have received so many inquiries that I have had to turn multiple people away because I am fully booked. I also send a client feedback survey after their session just to follow up. I asked them to rate their overall experience on a scale from 1 to 5, and I am currently sitting at a five-star from all of my clients.This course is seriously a life changer! I have been photographing seniors for about 6 years now, but never has it been this good. Hope’s Senior posing and Experience course is a MUST! She walks you through the entire process of the perfect senior experience, giving you step-by-step. She shows you exactly how she interacts with her clients and the specific things she will say for giving them precise direction for posing. What I love the most is that she also gives you a different perspective that I would have never thought of, but that made a huge impact for my clients overall senior experience. She is fully transparent and gives you all of her tips and tricks through the bonus features. She takes you behind the scenes of filming an actual senior session. Any questions you have about the senior experience will be answered. I feel my overall client experience has improved because of this course. This year I have booked tripled the amount of seniors from last year. I promise it is worth every dime. I can not say enough about how wonderful Hope is and how helpful this course was!”


frequently asked

As soon as you hit “purchase!” The course is instantly available for you, all at once, to be completed on your own schedule.

On the inside of the course you will find a video for each module, as well as your downloadable workbook that you can print and use to take notes. In the “bonus” section, you’ll find downloadable PDFs in addition to bonus video content. 


When does the course begin?

How is the course structured once I hit “buy”? 

Not at all! As long as you have internet access, you can watch the course!

Do I need to have a certain software or anything special on my computer?

Absolutely! There is a payment plan option available so you can access the course instantly for a lower cost up front.

Once you invest in this course, you will have lifetime access to all of the content, as well as lifetime access to the online Facebook Community!

Do you offer a payment plan?

How long will I have access to this information?

While most of the content taught in this course can be applicable to other portrait photographers, it is very senior-focused. I would not recommend the course to photographers that are not interested in shooting seniors.

I don’t photograph seniors...is this course for me?

If you purchase the course, complete all of it’s content, implement what you learn and still find that this course didn’t help build your business - I’ll buy it back from you in the first 30 days. Why? Because I truly believe in your business and I want nothing more than for you to succeed. But - this won’t happen. Because, if you implement what you learn in this course, my education works and you will see results.

How does the 30 day money-back guarantee work? 

Feel free to contact me directly at hello@hopetaylor.com - I’d love to help you in any way that I can. 

Still not sure if the course is right for you or have any additional questions?

Here’s what changed in Dakota’s business after completing the course…

"I doubled my prices and haven’t had a single person bat an eye."

"Before this course, I was struggling with having a consistent workflow for my clients and had so much anxiety about my posing. I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again, and I wasn’t able to focus on making my clients feel comfortable because I was alway so overwhelmed. I had somewhat of a process and I was booking some senior clients, but not like I really wanted. 
Since taking this course (along with the spokesmodel course), I’ve made at least $3,000 in just seniors in just the past two months. I doubled my prices and haven’t had a single person bat an eye. I’m booking seniors who don’t care what it costs, and their parents have been saying nothing but amazing things about my business! 
I have at least 1-2 new inquiries every time I post sneak peeks and blog posts of a session, and I’m shooting about 3-4 seniors a week. Not only do I have people interested in me, but the girls are exactly who I want to work with! They come prepared with outfits and they are willing to travel to locations that are much prettier than the normal places. All of the inquires are about how much they want to work with me because they love the photos they’ve seen and their friends tell them “you are going to LOVE it!” rather than just searching for the best price.
With Hope’s help, I’ve really been able to create a community of seniors who are excited to go through my process, hang out with me, and look forward to posting their photos. For the first time, the girls that are booking me what to because they want to be a part of #DakotaHerseySeniors, not just to have their photos taken for a good price! They are excited and I can tell they know exactly what to expect before I even tell them because they’ve already seen and heard from their friends! It’s such a good feeling to see them post without being prompted and hear how confident and beautiful I made them feel –– just because I finally feel confident in myself!
The growth I’ve had in 2 months alone has been incredible and worth 5x the value of this course (and the spokesmodel course!!!)."

–Dakota Hersey

Nervous to make such a large course purchase? I get it, I've been there. But, I am so confident in the content of this course and it's ability to change your business and your life - that I am giving you my word: if you complete this course in it's entirety in 30 days, download all of the files and implement the education and don't see results, I will give you all of the money back. But...I'm confident that won't happen. This education is real, it works and it is exactly what I did to grow my business to where it is today. 

30 day money back guarantee




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