But, God laid on my heart that maybe something should be different. 

A few years ago, if you had told me I’d have the opportunity to be a full-time photographer and business owner, I would have laughed. Because, you see, a few years ago I was just a high school student with a part-time job at a retail store. My life was a constant race between stocking shelves, studying for AP classes, getting to cheer practices, rushing through the halls and applying for universities. The thought of being an entrepreneur seemed daunting and far off, if not impossible. 

Maybe the college I committed to attending wasn’t where I was supposed to be. Maybe, just maybe, the way I pictured my life was not what He had mapped out for me. So, one morning, I made a big decision: I was revoking my admission to a 4-year business university and pursuing this crazy, seemingly unattainable dream full time. And I was going to chase after those dreams like a freight train. I feel so thankful every day to have the opportunity to do what I love through serving and loving my clients. And while photography is something that I love and adore - creating lasting relationships with my clients is where my heart will always lie. And, in my journey to pursue my purpose and build a business rooted in love, I’ve found an even deeper passion for educating and equipping other photographers to do the same. 

f you’re looking for me, you can typically find me snuggled up under a fuzzy blanket, working hard on my laptop with a candle burning nearby. I'm always eating, 

so I'm sure I have some sort of snack in hand while I hustle hard for these big dreams of mine.

But, enough about how this business of mine got started; let’s get to the important stuff


Not That

I have a slight (major) obsession with coffee mugs. You should see the stack on my desk! 


But, the catch? I don’t actually drink coffee. Like, ever. Ice water in pretty mugs, it is! 


Picky eaters, unite!? Chicken tenders and French fries is my go-to order at any fancy restaurant…you can never go wrong!

Chicken Tenders 


About that picky eating thing…I don’t actually eat most green things. Oops! 

I LOVE traveling! Traveling is a huge source of inspiration for my business and I can’t get enough of exploring



I’m not very good at staying in one place. I want to stamp my passport as many times as I can in one lifetime

The Food Network and Cooking Channel are my weaknesses! I absolutely love to bake sweets in the kitchen with my family.



But, if we’re being honest…I’m not very good at anything else domestic. Cooking actual food is not my forte.

Can I just get an “amen” on this?



Is there anyone that LIKES jeans? I mean, really?



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