I’m back with another Friday Favorites post! Each week, I’ll be sharing a variety of products I’ve been loving in categories like lifestyle, home, fashion and beauty! You can shop this week’s items quickly below, or keep scrolling to learn more about each!   *You can shop all of the products by clicking on the […]

By far the most popular request I get for content is MARKETING. Photographers are always looking to up their marketing game and gain more clients (duh, right!? That’s kinda the whole point!) but I think the “traditional” marketing strategies that come to mind may not be working. So, in today’s video I’m breaking down the […]

This week’s video is a short and sweet one…but it’s something that NEEDS to be talked about! As small business owners, we are already spending TONS of time on Instagram each day. But, there is one TINY thing we could be doing differently that could change the GAME for our social media marketing…and I’m unveiling […]

Ya’ll…prepare yourselves for the ultimate DREAM of a Charleston senior session!!! Nichole traveled into Charleston for me to capture memories of her graduating from law school (she’s an absolute rockstar!) and, because she is a photographer herself, her attention to detail blew me away! She had the BEST outfits, cutest prop ideas and even rented […]

I don’t even know where to begin with this post!!! If you aren’t familiar with my mastermind program, let’s start there. Halfway through 2019, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a new type of education into my business for the year of 2020. I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to look like, […]

Every photographer’s worst nightmare is having a technical malfunction that causes us to lose all of our client’s images…and IT HAS HAPPENED TO ME. Ya’ll, when I was in my first year of business, my laptop hard drive completely crashed. I was so young and new to the world of photography that I had no […]

My first senior session in almost THREE MONTHS…AH!!! So crazy and felt so good to be back. Sarah was one of the winners of my Instagram senior giveaway during quarantine because I know this season has been SO hard for so many class of 2020 grads. She just recently graduated from Clemson and we had […]

This video has been HIGHLY requested!!! If you are a new photographer that is just beginning to master shooting and editing your images…you have probably struggled with this. When you are just starting out as a photographer you have a BIG decision to make…and that is what STYLE of photography you want to be known […]



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