Buckle up…this is a long one!! It’s my LAST wedding of the 2021 season, and I went to high school with this sweet couple…so I may have added a few extra favorites into the blog post! I don’t even know where to start with how beautiful this day was. Not just visually at the breathtaking […]

If you were to ask me which link I get asked to share the most on Instagram…it would probably be the link to my reflector!! I use a reflector at every single senior session…but I don’t have an assistant or an intern. I use a reflector with HANDLES that allows me to multi-task and use […]

One of the MOST asked questions I have been getting since I got engaged…HOW the heck did I choose my wedding photographer!? I am spilling it all in today’s YouTube video, including 5 practical things for all brides to consider when choosing their wedding photographer! Tune in below! IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO, YOU MAY […]

I have spent MONTHS looking forward to photographing Jules and Zach’s Charleston wedding day! I photographed Jules’ sister’s wedding last year (the adorable Kat and Carter), so I knew Jules’s family before even coming into this wedding day. They are so full of genuine kindness and joy…it is such an honor to witness and be […]

I don’t typically talk about wedding photography on my YouTube channel…but we are breaking that trend today! I am sharing the BIGGEST mistake that I made in my early years as a photographer when I was trying to gain experience as a second shooter. I want to help you avoid the mistakes that I made…and […]

I knew Annie and Ben’s wedding day was going to be special from the moment I met them at their Richmond engagement session. We did their engagement photos all the way back in January 2020…and their wedding date had to be rescheduled not ONCE, but TWICE. These two have been together for over 11 years […]

This is a topic I haven’t shared much about in the past…but it’s arguably one of the MOST important topics when it comes to owning a small business. We are diving into my thoughts on work/life balance. Things like my morning routine, the boundaries I’ve set in my business, and the ways I ensure that […]

Have you heard the term “mastermind” floating around in our industry the last couple of years? It has become a SUPER popular style of education for photographers and entrepreneurs. In today’s video, I’m breaking down exactly what a mastermind is…and 3 questions to ask yourself to determine if you are ready for the investment. I’m […]



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