One of the most popular video requests to date: A DAY IN MY LIFE! Josh and I filmed for YouTube in one whole day…and we vlogged the entire process for you! Tune in below! IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO, YOU MAY ALSO LOVE: Top 12 Brunch / Breakfast Spots in Charleston, SC 25th Birthday Q&A […]

Today is an exciting day!!! Not only is there a new YouTube video all about how to know if you’re ready for a spokesmodel program in your business…but today kicks off my SPOKESMODEL CHALLENGE! You can tune into this week’s free video below to learn 3 questions you should ask yourself to determine whether spokesmodels […]

My first official shoot living in Savannah!!! And it was DREAMY! Lilia and Steven were visiting Savannah for their anniversary last weekend. She is a photographer herself (always SUCH an honor) and she reached out to me to see if we could squeeze in a shoot while they were here. Typically, I do not offer […]

We are carrying on the theme of SENIOR SPOKESMODELS this week! When I talk with photographers who have attempted to have a spokesmodel team in their senior photography business…I typically hear one of two things: It went WONDERFULLY! or I didn’t get as many referrals as I hoped. I think one of the most common […]

I don’t know how in the world it has taken me this long to blog these!!! Hayden and I’s one-year dating anniversary was on August 22nd. It was in the midst of selling my house, packing everything and getting ready for our move to Savannah. We had celebratory dinner plans in place for weeks…but at […]

If you follow me on Instagram…then you know why this shoot was so special to me! This is my little sister, Abby, who had brain surgery back in May. She is one of the strongest and bravest women I know…and I’m so dang proud to be her big sister. After her incision healed enough, she […]

If you have ever heard the term “senior rep” or “senior spokesmodel” in the photography world, but had NO idea what it meant…today’s video is for you! I’m breaking down exactly what a senior rep program is, what it can do for your business and the 3 biggest misconceptions photographers struggle with. There’s also a […]

If you’ve ever wondered how the heck I keep my life organized and visualize the (many) moving pieces of my business in one place…today’s video is for you! I am taking you along with me to walk you through how I do quarterly planning for my business…and you actually get to SEE me do it […]



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