It’s official…this is my first EVER “Friday Favorites” post!!! I’m trying out something new because I get SO many requests to share my fave beauty, home, fashion and lifestyle products! I’ve been doing NOTHING but online shopping this entire quarantine (anyone else!?) so I have TONS of new recommendations to share with you all!! If […]

We are talking about one of my FAVORITE topics this week – senior portraits! I absolutely LOVE photographing senior portraits and always will. It was the only type of photography I offered while I was still a high school student…and it’s so special to me. It allows me to use my creativity in a way […]

Ask and you shall receive!!! One of the most requested videos for my YouTube channel the last few months has been a makeup tutorial. So here it is!!! I filmed one about a year ago…but SO much has changed about my routine!!! So, I filmed a brand new updated tutorial plus my morning skincare routine […]

Today’s video is an exciting one because I have NEVER shared about this topic!!! I get asked about it often…but I am by no means a “pro” at this. I have just found a workflow that works for me and creates beautiful images…so I wanted to share it with you!!! I’m breaking down my entire […]

Okay, ya’ll…IT’S HAPPENING!!! I’ve lived in Charleston for almost a year now (WHAT!!!) and this post is already long overdue! I swear I get DAILY messages, comments and emails asking about my fave places to visit in Charleston…and I don’t blame ya’ll!! It is truly the BEST place to vacation and such a popular travel […]

This week’s video is a little bit different, but I always get so excited about these personal episodes!!! They are so fun for me to film and I love giving you guys an inside look at my day-to-day life outside of the world of social media. I posted an empty house tour video back in December […]

Since moving from Northern Virginia to Charleston, SC last year – I’ve been working hard to get my business integrated in this brand new community. I’ve had to totally re-think my marketing strategies and apply new workflows in my business to help me GROW and market my business in this brand new place. And, now […]

This may truly be one of the messages I get the MOST often on my Instagram: “How in the heck do you get so many photos of yourself!?” Some people think I pay a professional photographer to take pics of me each week, some people think it’s self-timer…but the real answer? It’s MY MOM!!! Haha!!! […]



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