I WISH I had a video like this back when I was first starting my photography business! I remember always feeling SO overwhelmed at the number of options I had for things like gear, camera bags, camera straps, reflectors, etc…I had absolutely no idea where to start. I just wanted someone to sit me down […]

This is an exciting blog post for two reasons: 1. It’s my LAST wedding of 2020 but 2. It’s my FIRST ever wedding in Charleston!!! I’ve lived in Charleston for a little over a year now, but I’ve been traveling back to Virginia (and all over the East Coast!) to photograph my weddings. This was […]

Ya’ll…it has been SO LONG since I have shared a new Happy Hour with Hope episode! Honestly, LIFE just got ahold of me these last few months. I needed a little bit of a break during quarantine…but what I intended to be a few weeks off turned into a few MONTHS. And, you know what? […]

Working with other photographers is ALWAYS an honor…and it’s even MORE of an honor when it’s one of your past students!!! Dakota has become a sweet friend of mine over the years after attending a live filming for one of my courses. She reached out to me a couple weeks ago that she would be […]

I have been looking forward to this shoot for MONTHS!!! Griffin reached out to me back in July saying that he would be traveling with his girlfriend to Charleston and wanted to plan to propose to her. He found me on Instagram and thought that his girlfriend Hannah would love my style (SO sweet)!!! We […]

I had two GORGEOUS shoots last week…which makes for a full week on the blog!!! We have spent MONTHS trying to plan Amelia and Trevor’s engagement session. Travel bans, COVID restrictions and complications kept pushing it farther and farther back. Amelia was flying in from CALIFORNIA for the shoot…and her travel ban was finally lifted […]

Guys…it is starting to feel like FALL in Charleston!!! This week the temps have been in the lower-mid 70’s all week, with lows in the mid-50’s!!! WHAT!? It’s been a DREAM and such a wonderful break from the 110+ heat index when we were filming my new course just a few weeks ago! It’s the […]

This blog post is SO exciting because it’s not just a beautiful senior session…it’s a beautiful senior session we FILMED for the brand new version of my senior course!!! If you haven’t been following along on Instagram, then you probably have NO idea what I’m talking about. A few weeks ago, I flew my film […]



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