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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Get instant access to Brooke's Charleston Senior Session now ... and re-watch as much as you'd like for the next 5 days!

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In addition to the primary video, you get to watch me edit Brooke's sneak peeks in real time! I took over 1,200 photos in this session so you get to see me cull this shoot in real time immediately following the session in Photo Mechanic. 

Watch Brooke's entire senior session from start to finish, including all of my real-time thoughts and explanations. See camera settings, before and after images, suggestions for lighting and posing and so much more. 

Don't have time to consume 2.5 hours of content? Don't worry! There is "highlight reel" of the most value-packed moments from Brooke's Senior Session if you need to watch on a time crunch. 

The Senior Scoop is laser-focused education specifically for senior photographers

With new education and live coaching every single month, this exclusive membership will help you change your business and your images. And i'm giving you access to a month of content for free!

Where My Passion for Seniors Began...

I began my business as a high school junior when I was only 16 years old. My entire business and six-figure income were first built on my love for photographing my peers and their senior portraits. Now, over a decade later, it is still my favorite work that I create as a photographer.
Beginning my business while in high school gives me a unique perspective on marketing to seniors, and my passion has grown into a love for teaching other photographers how to specialize in this niche! 
The Senior Scoop was born out of a desire to do two things: create a more accesible resource for my students, and give senior photographers a more customized education experience. The Senior Scoop is unlike other photography memberships available right now...it's far more than just monthly videos! I can't wait for you to get access to a free month of content so you can see what it's all about! 

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