The Hope Taylor workshop is an intentionally designed, two-day in-person experience for photographers in their first 3 years of business that desire to build a successful business rooted in service and love. 



The Hope Taylor workshop is a two-day, intentionally designed in-person experience for photographers that desire to build a successful business rooted in serving their clients well. 

This 2-day workshop will teach attendees everything that I have done to build a successful photography business. The first day of the workshop will focus on photography while the second day will cover business and marketing. We will cover a wide range of topics including business, marketing, social media, shooting, posing, lighting, client experience, organization, workflow, branding and more. Each workshop seat includes the pre-workshop meet & greet, 2 day workshop, a beautiful portfolio-building styled shoot that includes a bride and groom as well as senior models with industry leading vendors, a fresh head shot, two meals each day as well as a gift for each attendee and access to the online Hope Taylor Q+A community following the event. 

MY story

I was only 15 years old when I decided that I wanted to be a photographer. read that right. :) I was a junior in high school and I spent most of my time working through my AP classes and cheer practice. I had taken a photojournalism class as a freshman two years before, which is when I had convinced my parents to help me invest in a "fancy camera" (also known as a used Canon Rebel on Ebay). Because I had started working part-time at a retail job during my junior year...that fancy camera had made a permanent home on a dusty shelf in my bedroom. 
But at some point during that year, I began to feel stuck. I wasn't happy with the job I was working and I wanted to do something MORE. Something I was passionate about. Something with purpose. So, I decided to take that dusty little Canon off the shelf and start photographing some friends for fun. What started as a hobby quickly turned into something more...and by the time my senior year rolled around, I was a 17 year old licensed business owner.
So, what next? During my senior year, I went to school part-time and went full-time with my photography business. During that year, I applied to 7 universities and committed to a school that I loved.

But, I was also hustling more than I ever knew I was capable of to build a business and a life that I dreamed of. When the time to leave for college rolled around...I revoked my admission one month before I was supposed to leave and decided to continue my business full-time instead.
That decision was over two years ago. Since then, I have been able to build a business that earns me a 6-figure income, allows me to work with my ideal clients and build relationships that will last me a lifetime. I now shoot an average of 20 weddings + 65 senior sessions each year and work in the luxury market in my area. I went from shooting 0 weddings in 2014 to shooting 16 weddings in 2015 and almost tripled my income in less than one year. 
This workshop is built intentionally for photographers and business owners just like you. I will be opening up everything about how I have grown my business and all of my secrets: nothing is off-limits. My hope is that you will walk away from this workshop feeling refreshed, inspired and EQUIPPED with everything you need to build a business you are PROUD of.

 "My hope is that you will walk away from this workshop feeling refreshed, inspired and Equipped with everything you need to build a business you are PROUD of"



How to master social media + use it to build your business like a pro

How to handle the business side of things: contracts, invoicing, booking processes and more

Creating client relationships that will last a lifetime AND help your business grow

How to use strategic marketing to see financial + practical growth from the very beginning of your business

Everything you need to know about shooting: posing, lighting, making clients comfortable, camera functions + consistency

Keeping things organized: client management softwares, emails, weekly schedules, workflows and more

How to create consistency in your wedding day timelines + clienetele

Finding and working with your ideal clients (and how to bring in MORE)

And SO much more including branding, editing, specializing, off-camera flash, outsourcing and vendor relationships!  


Before attending Hope's workshop, my business was struggling in finding my ideal clients and curating regular content on social media. After attending, I have improved in blogging and Instagram tremendously! The first week back home after the workshop I booked over $700 in sessions! I could never put a value on my experience or the knowledge gained at Hope's workshop. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! 

" The first week back home after the workshop I booked over $700 in sessions!" 

–Ashley Tyson

The Hope Taylor Workshop experience was more than I could have possibly imagined. After attending I not only had a beautiful Instagram feed with a brand new following, as well as a whole new confidence in myself and my work, BUT I also attracted more clients! After the workshop I booked 25 weddings and 5 senior sessions! I learned that loving and serving my clients, and doing it well, not only made me more money, but also attracted me my DREAM clients!! 

"After the workshop I booked 25 weddings and 5 senior sessions!" 

–Alyssa Weyandt

“The HTP Workshop is something that not only changed my business, but changed my whole perspective on this little journey I'm on to a full time photography business. Hope opens up every single aspect of her business and will answer any question you have. I feel every single part of my business has improved since the workshop from the beginning inquiry, to shooting, to the final delivery. The experience was worth so much more to me than dollar signs, it gave me a positive perspective and drive to really do this thing. And a community of girls to grow with that I'm forever grateful for.

"I feel every single part of my business has improved since the workshop" 

–Danielle Dykes

“I wouldn't say I attended Hope's workshop; I'd say I experienced it. As a boutique owner who does her own website photography, I wasn't as experienced as everyone else, but was made to feel so welcome and never felt left behind or confused. My entire social media platform is an entire new image thanks to Hope's amazing suggestions and I'm not only smitten with it, but have increased my sales as a result!

"My social media platform is an entirely new  image thanks to Hope's amazing suggestions."


The HTP workshop experience was no doubt, a game changer for me! I had a lot of respect for Hope and I wanted to learn from someone who could show me that age wasn't a barrier for chasing my dreams. Hope has a ton of knowledge on how to better your business and she didn't withhold any of it!!! My business has flourished over this last year and a HUGE part of that was from Hopes investment in me.

"My business has flourished  and a HUGE part of that was Hopes investment in me."

–Hannah Smith

When asked "what would you tell someone considering investing in the Hope taylor workshop experience?"

Here's what past attendees had to say...

INVESTING in Hopes workshop was hands down one of the best things I ever did for my business in the beginning. I had no clue how to properly shoot or even know how to gain clients before I attended her workshop. I left feeling full of confidence, knowledge, and with the skills to up level my business. Plus, I gained so many amazing new friends that are still huge cheerleaders for me and my business to this day!


If you are on the fence about investing in your business, which is truly what Hope’s workshop is all about, I encourage you to do it...RIGHT NOW, because I cannot say enough how much her education has changed my business for the better. From the very first meet and greet to gaining new photographer friends in a community over competition atmosphere to learning about her servant heart and client first attitude...I seriously have never learned more...and the cherry on the cake... I was literally BLOWN AWAY by the images I was able to produce after her workshop. BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER.


I would tell them how amazed I was at how personable the experience was! Hope was so gracious with her time and so organized with her educational content, went into extreme detail with every aspect of her business (shooting, editing, client experience, etc.) had a very well structured itinerary, extremely delicious meals and snacks prepared for us, allowed time for all the attendees to get to know each other, and coordinated the most beautiful styled shoot for fabulous hands-on shoot experience. It was educational, empowering, encouraging, helpful, and way too much fun! ;)


i want TO ATTEND! 

Take me to registration! 

To kick off the entire workshop experience, we will have a meet & greet event the Sunday evening before the workshop begins! Picture an hour of mingling, champagne and getting to know the group of photographers that you will spend the next two days with! 

The evening before the workshop

Meet & Greet

We will breakdown an entire wedding day timeline, piece by piece, to help you understand the logistics of successfully capturing a full wedding day. From detail styling to getting ready to ceremonies and off-camera flash! 

photographing a wedding day


This is one of the BEST parts of the entire workshop experience! We will have a full styled shoot that includes a bride + groom PLUS senior models. There are multiple stations to ensure every attendee has the ability to capture portfolio-building images they are proud of! 

Styled shoots!


One of the things that makes the Hope Taylor workshop experience so unique is that we cover both wedding photography AND high school senior portraits - the two services I specialize in and have built my business on. I will give a full breakdown of my senior posing workflow. 

posing & photographing seniors


One of my favorite traditions at all of my workshops is a pizza party following the styled shoots! We will all cozy up with a slice of pizza as we walk through my entire post-processing and editing workflows.

editing & post processing


Time to kick off day one! The first day of the workshop experience is dedicated entirely to the photography side of business - shooting, lighting, posing, editing, my complete wedding day workflow, styled shoots + more! 

Welcome & light breakfast

Day one: 11:00am

All meals are included with your workshop experience investment - and I don't take meals lightly! You can expect delicious Southern means for all of the workshop days - our venue prides themselves on amazing culinary skills! 

Lunch break



After a restful night's sleep, we will all join back together at the stunning River House for day two! This day is entirely dedicated to the back-end of business: things like branding, marketing, client experience, social media and more! 

Welcome & light snacks 

DAY TWO: 10am

This client experience is what I built my entire business off of! I will breakdown exactly how I "WOW" all of my senior portait clients to book my calendar full each year. 

SEnior Portait client experience


Each attendee will walk away with brand new head shots to build their business + brand! 

Lunch break & Head Shots


Marketing on social media can feel like an exhausting rat-race that never ends. I give attendees a peek into my exact strategies for building relationships with my audience that turn into income - but that still allows me to be PRESENT in my day-to-day life. 

Instagram & Social media


A jam-packed breakdown of my entire wedding client experience. From my booking process, client gifts, packaging, image delivery, in-person consultations and more - you'll walk away knowing how to blow your client's away with a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Wedding Client Experience


Learning about senior portait photography isn't complete without learning how to build, maintain and execute a succesful spokesmodel program. My sought-after strategy that earns me thousands of dollars in income each year will be broken down step-by-step. 

Spokesmodel Programs


day 2 cont.

A large portion of my business was built on my ability to blog my work consistently + strategically. I'll be sharing all of my strategies to implement succesful blogging into your business in a way that will elevate your brand and make you more money off of your wedding photography bookings. 

blogging & time management


The best way to make more money and get some of your LIFE back? Learn how to strategically + affordably outsource areas of your business that aren't your God-given skill set. 

outsourcing + building a team


The final Q&A part of the workshop where NOTHING is off-limits! Attendees have the opportunity to ask me anything and everything they can possibly think of related to running a succesful photography business. No question will be left unanswered! 

unlimited Q&A 


But, not to fret! All workshop attendees are added into my lifelong "Hope Taylor Alumni" online community - you'll be able to encourage each other, get support + ask questions for years to come! 

teary-eyed goodbyes


Time to kick off day one! The first day of the workshop experience is dedicated entirely to the photography side of business - shooting, lighting, posing, editing, my complete wedding day workflow, styled shoots + more! 

Collaborations and vendor relationships




View a sample


I don't take your investment in education lightly, and I'm here to help you ensure this workshop is the BEST fit for you and your biz right now. This workshop is probably a great fit for you if:

You are in your first 1-3 years in business

You LOVE photography, but you need more knowledge on the business side

You feel like you aren't working with your ideal clients

You know that you could be utilizing social media more in your business and want to know HOW

You are struggling with posing and making your clients feel comfortable

You feel lost when it comes to marketing and how to grow your business

You feel STUCK and don't know what your next step is

You want a general overview of the wedding and portrait sides of photography

You just moved to a new area and want to optimize growth 

You need a "refresh" of the current best marketing strategies

You want to improve your client experience and utilize word-of-mouth marketing strategically

You want to move into a new market or higher price point for your weddings or portraits

You want to learn practical tools to help you go full time 
You need better time management and organization skills to get your LIFE back

You want to work with industry leading vendors for TWO fully styled shoots to build your portfolio

You want to learn about both weddings AND senior/portrait photography

You want to eat some really delicious food (I felt like it was necessary to throw this one in there)



Each workshop is limited in attendees to ensure an intimate experience and time to answer all questions. Seats go fast and workshops typically sell out in a matter of days, so be sure to add yourself to the mailing list to receive exclusive primary access to registration! 

Each workshop seat includes the meet & greet the evening before the workshop, two 8-hour instructional days, a portfolio building styled shoot with industry-leading vendors (with both a couple and high school senior models), brand new head shots, a gift box of goodies, lunch & dinner both days and access to the Hope Taylor Q+A community following the event. 

The next Hope Taylor workshop is being hosted on:

at The River House in Charleston, South Carolina!


Full Price: $1599
Early Bird Rate: $1350

July 6th & 7th, 2020



If you are flying in from out of state, first of all, I am so honored! We have had attendees travel in for the workshop from as far as California and Canada! If you are flying, the best airport to travel to is Charleston International Airport (CHS). It is less than 20 minutes from the workshop venue and about 15 minutes from downtown Charleston! 

There is an endless list of hotels in the Charleston area, but I recommend staying local to downtown to get the most out of your trip (especially if it's your first time!) Some of my favorite boutique hotels include the Dewberry and Hotel Bennett (there's a pink champagne bar in the lobby!) 

The downtown Charleston area is full of AMAZING places to eat, shop and explore! I will provide a full list of recommendations after registration, but some must-visit spots include Magnolia's, Jeni's Ice Cream, Felix (for a famous burger!), Husk, Hall's Chophouse + SaltWater Cowboys!

The list of shopping spots goes on FOREVER. The Skinny Dip, Two Cumberland, Beau & Co, Mulberry & King and pretty much ALL of King Street! I'll provide a list of all my local faves upon registration - but you can't go wrong with anywhere in the good ol' Lowcountry! 


Want to ask more questions before your register? Just fill out the form below!


i can't wait to hear from you!



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