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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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An intensive, peer-to-peer coaching program to help you create, launch and scale your online course(s) or digital products. 

Next-level education and mastermind-style teaching for business owners looking to launch an online course + CREATE PASSIVE INCOME streams 

Ready to change your biz and your life?

Your service-based business is already profitable and succesful, but you know you want to create new sources of revenue. 

you're in the right place if:

You already have the idea for a new product, idea or offering in 2024 - and want to make sure you launch it the RIGHT way. 

You feel like you've maxed out on the education that is available to you (because you don't need another workshop or conference)

You are seeking community and being surrounded by business owners that are at the same stage of business (and ones that are even more advanced!) 

You are prepared to make the emotional, financial and time commitment to do the work and change your business

Upon being accepted into the mastermind, all members will receive access to 3 pre-recorded masterclass videos. These videos will cover the basics of topics like email marketing, launch strategy and organically growing your audience. Consuming this content before the mastermind begins allows us to all kick off on the same page! 

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WHat's included:

Every week, we will have a group "hot seat" call. During these calls, 1 member of the group gets to ask questions and get feedback from all other members. This is your time to get as much value from the group as possible - ask anything you want! You have a well-curated group of like-minded, succesful business owners at your fingertips. Each member will get more than one hot seat.

All mastermind members will be added into an online Slack channel for on-going support, encouragement and resources for the duration of the mastermind. Hope will also regularly be active in this group to answer questions and provide additional support. 

Each member of the mastermind will receive 1 one-on-one coaching call during the 6 month coaching period to get even more personalized coaching. You will select the date for your one-on-one call upon registering for the mastermind (and the dates are first-come, first serve!) 

Each member of the mastermind will have UNLIMITED email and Voxer access to Hope as their business coach. This includes answering any questions, editing and reviewing content, getting access to Hope's resources  and more. Think of me as your business's secret weapon in your back pocket! 

At the ends of the 6 months in the mastermind program, there will be a 2-day in-person intensive in Charleston, SC for mastermind members only. We will cover more content, have time for implementation and end the mastermind with a bang (and wine)! 

Pre-Recorded Content

Weekly Calls + Hot Seats

Unlimited Personalized Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching Call

Online Community

Charleston Intensive

For the July-Dec 2024 mastermind group

"10000%  You Can not afford To NOT invest in this mastermind! "

"Hope's Mastermind is incredible! Everyone knows that Hope is a perfect mixture of smart and savvy business woman paired with contagious joy. So, when you get to have Hope in your back pocket to provide honest feedback and cheer you on: you've got a winning ticket to success. Hope cares SO deeply about you and your successes and makes you her number one priority. But the value of the mastermind also lies in the group of people she curates to help support you as well. She provides the best environment for honest feedback between members and guides us to pour into other business owners as much as they are pouring into you! I can't believe how much this mastermind has impacted my business and life!"

These are past students that completed the 2022 or 2023  mastermind program. Here are some of their thoughts:

When someone who's opinion I value said "I think Hope is probably the smartest business women I've ever met"...I would have to agree! And, the mastermind has been 100% worth it! The wisdom and encouragement from Hope and the other attendees has been beyond amazing! If you consider yourself someone who has good ideas or knows that you have some greatness inside of you to share (or feel led to share/teach), yet you do not know where to start or you haven't had anyone to hold you accountable and point you in the right direction, then 10000% you can not afford not to invest in this mastermind! 

"Hope cares SO deeply about you and your successes and makes you her number one priority."

" Hope is incredible and the most "high vibe" mentor I could ask for..."

"If you're looking for an incredible, supportive, amazing community of people to help support you and your business, then this is definitely for you. Not only is Hope incredible and the most high vibe mentor I could ask for, the group has also been so amazing in helping me shape and grow my business. This is definitely for someone who wants to up-level their business and has specific projects they want to see come to fruition with tons of guidance along the way. I'm so grateful to be part of a group of such amazing business women and to have the support and encouragement- as we all know owning your own business can be overwhelming sometimes - so I'm so happy I have this group and Hope to help me take my business to the next level!!"





I spent an entire year learning from a business coach and fellow business owners who were at the same level and chasing the same dreams that I was. And none of us were even in the same industry!

Through the coaching, community and education I was provided during my mastermind - my life and business completely changed. I scaled my business to six figures of passive income, moved my business across the East Coast without taking a financial loss, added members to my team and felt CONFIDENT in all of my business decisions. Having unlimited access to a community that will help provide insight on my every move, answer any question (no matter how big or small!) and help me to make the RIGHT decisions was invaluable. It was truly the most game-changing investment I had ever made. 

So, i decided to start my own! 

In my first few years of business, investing in education was SO important to my growth and success. I attended workshops, conferences, mentoring and coaching that helped me to level-up, provided me with community and gave me direction for my business.

But, as my business grew, I started having a difficult time finding education for business owners that were more advanced. I understood the basics of photography and business, I knew how to market and use social media, I didn't need any more networking opportunities...so where in the heck was I supposed to go next? Then, in my 6th year of business, I started to feel so alone and frustrated. I was making EVERY business decision myself with zero guidance and very little community. So, I did something that changed the GAME for me. 

where it all began:

The case studies

# of Email subscribers:

Email open rates:


Passive income in 2020:




Rebecca was a member of the mastermind from Jan-June of 2020.
She shared her results after applying everything she learned in the program: 

# of Email subscribers:

Email open rates: 


yearly passive income:












Took her AND her husband full-time in their business

Able to build a new house for their family 

Asked to be a keynote speaker at the industry-leading Creative at Heart Conference

Hired a full-time nanny for her kids 

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The case studies

# of Email subscribers:

Email open rates:


Passive income Sept 2020-Sept 2021:

natasha Coyle



Natasha was a member of the mastermind from July-December of 2020.
She shared her results after applying everything he learned in the program: 

# of Email subscribers:

Email open rates: 


passive income before starting the mastermind:












Launched her first course in February of 2021 and it brought in $25,458.00

Featured on 5 podcasts (with 4 more interviews scheduled before the end of the year)

Was a panel keynote speaker and breakout educator at Creative at Heart

Has been asked to speak at Graceful Gathering in 2022

applications open on 9/29

The case studies

# of Email subscribers:



Passive income in first 6 months of 2020: 




Stephanie was a member of the mastermind from January-June of 2020.
She shared with me her results after being in the program:

# of Email subscribers:



Passive income in first 6 months of 2019: 










Launched her first online course (and made over $5k during launch week)

Created her first email funnel to continue generating passive revenue from that course

Implemented new strategies to gain email list subscribers (and gained over 800+ new leads)

Hosted a free challenge with 450+ members

Launched an online store of products

Spoke at her very first conference 



applications open on 9/29

The case studies

# of Email subscribers:

# of courses: 


average passive income per month:

Rob Greene



Rob was a member of the mastermind from January-December of 2021.
He shared his results after applying everything he learned in the program: 

# of Email subscribers:

# of courses:


average passive income per month: 











when asked "what would you say to someone on the fence about the mastermind?", here's what rob had to say:

If you are on the fence about investing in the Hope Taylor Mastermind, I'd tell you to JUST. FRIGGIN. DO IT.
Imposter Syndrome is real. But, it's impossible to feel like an imposter with a tireless encourager like Hope constantly serving as the wind in your sails!!! And it's not just fluff, either - she'll back up her contagious, bubbly positivity with strategic action steps, giving you the play-by-play roadmap to reach your fullest passive income potential!
I came into this Mastermind feeling like a "one trick pony" at best. I had just released my first course on Flash Photography, and really wondered if I had anything else to offer. By the end of Hope's Mastermind, I had a game plan in place for a 4-Course Education Suite, and had shifted my business around to accommodate my passive income becoming my top revenue stream in my business!

applications open on 9/29

This application-only coaching opportunity has 12 spots available and was intentionally designed for a specific type of business owner.

But, the mastermind truly isn't for everyone.

Already run a profitable business, understand email marketing and already have the product in mind you want to launch (or existing products that you'd like to scale) 

Are looking to level-up in business by implementing strategies used by some of the top earners in the creative industry

Are willing to put in the WORK to see growth in your business...and don't expect the hard part to be done for you

Are seeking community and understand the value of learning from others in the mastermind setting, not just from Hope 

Are actively ready to launch your next big project, product or venture in your business - and want to do it the RIGHT way

apply for the 2024 mastermind

The Hope Taylor Mastermind is only right for you if you:

Have an audience of people that are already showing interest in learning from you on the topic(s) that you want to teach 

"I made my investment back almost 20x OVER by the end of that year!"

The Hope Taylor Mastermind has been the best investment I have made for my business! The content you learn is valuable beyond words & the community you form is priceless. Hope has helped equip me with the knowledge I needed to become recognized as an educator in the industry & grow my profits. ! The Hope Taylor Mastermind is absolutely worth the investment. I was hesitant about spending so much money at first, but after just a few weeks in the mastermind, I was able to launch + host my workshops and completely make back my investment. If you are even considering joining the mastermind, DO IT! From the content and strategies you learn to the friendships you will make, this is a decision you will not regret. I can't say enough good things about Hope & her education!!!

reed found clarity, community and grew as an educator

"If you're on the fence...DO IT!!! Hope's mastermind has been one of the greatest investments I've ever made in my business! I immediately saw a change in my business after implementing the things Hope taught, and made my investment back almost 20x OVER by the end of that year! Hope knows what she's talking about, and really cares about YOU. She does whatever she can to help your business thrive, while always checking in to see how you're doing. This mastermind was a game-changer in my already thriving business. I'm SO thankful for Hope and for all she's poured into me!"

rebecca immediately began creating more passive income

" I was able to launch + host my workshops and completely make back my investment"

"The mastermind has honestly blown my mind."

"This mastermind has truly changed my life & business. It's honestly blown my mind. I was that girl - the one who scrolled through the mastermind page thinking, "Yes, this looks amazing!" and then questioned, "But is it worth it?" I'm here to share that it's 1000% worth it!!! Sometimes you need to take big risks in your business to get it to the next level and trust that it's going to be worth it in bigger ways than you could have dreamed of. Hope's mastermind was this for me. Not only have I had a number of big business wins throughout but I've also formed incredible relationships with other business owners and have learned things that would have probably taken me years to figure out. If you're on the fence about this mastermind program, my biggest encouragement would be to take the leap of faith and invest into yourself and your business"

dahlia found community and was pushed out of her comfort zone

What will we be learning?

My entire launch strategy timeline + email marketing basics - this will give you the perfect platform to begin planning your calendar for 2022. We'll talk through how to prime your audience, plan a succesful launch and the strategy that has helped me make 6 figures of passive income each year.

I'll be breaking down exactly how I've built my email list from nothing to almost 20,000 in only two years and how it makes me money in my sleep with evergreen sales funnels. We'll also talk about how to continue to scale your audiences on all platforms to consistently bring in new leads! 

add me to the wait list!

The mastermind content will be custom-tailored to fit the needs of the members who are chosen, but some popular topics we will discuss include:


the basics of digital marketing + the timeline for success


growing your mailing list + social media platforms without ads

The timeline of a launch and the basics just aren't enough - we're going to dive DEEP into every tiny piece of strategy that helps me convert email list subscribers to buyers. From sales copy, webinar strategy, live launches, free challenges and more - I'm pulling back the curtain on all of the seemingly-simple tasks that make MASSIVE impact on my sales.

the logistics of a succesful launch: strategy, timeline + more


apply for the mastermind

Let's break this down: 

90+ minutes of pre-recorded content

One payment of


6 monthly payments of



weekly, rotating hot seat calls

1 individual one hour coaching call

unlimited email and voxer access to hope

2 day in-person intensive in charleston, SC

engaging slack channel + lifetime access to all call Recordings

So, how much is it? 

includes 6 months in the program - save $600


Gain instant access right when you join

"Hope, That's really expensive."


This mastermind is NOT for everyone - and I do not say that lightly. All applications are put through an extensive process to ensure everyone inside the group is ready for the investment, can provide value to other members + is committed to investing back into the group. Your mastermind investment does not just give you unlimited access to Hope - it gives you access to an intentionally curated group of like-minded creatives ready to dig deep alongside you.


in my 10+ years of running a business, i have learned this: people are willing to invest in things that matter most to them. And, because this mastermind requires dedication and hard work, I want to know that every member inside is ready to take that leap and invest in themselves + their dreams.



My mastermind members truly become my full time job. I make myself available to provide quick turnarounds on ALL of your questions and business needs. Need me to review 12 pages of an email sequence? Done. Want to voice message back and forth to brain dump until we find a name for your new offering? Absolutely. Want to have me proofread a tricky email, help with customer service issues, address a technical problem, help you strategize a launch? Done, done and done.  I intentionally take on less client work during the mastermind to allow time for all of my students. So, know that I take your investment seriously - and I truly will become your biz BFF.

"OHHH! It's been WELL-WORTH it and more! Coming from a girl who was SUPER skeptical to take the risk and dive in head on! This mastermind has truly changed my life & business."


" you're on the fence, DO IT!! Words can't explain how much value you get out of the mastermind...It is PRICELESS!!"

"The honesty is what I love the most about the entire experience. Hope really does care about the outcome of your business as does everyone in the mastermind!

"It is 100% worth it!! After implementing the things Hope taught us, I made back a third of my investment through passive income streams in ONE MONTH! Since I learned how to scale it, I'm on track to have the mastermind completely paid for in the next 4-6 weeks from passive income alone!"

You're right! This mastermind is designed to be a high-level investment, and I want to break down exactly why. I pride myself on being a no-nonsense educator, and I don't take your investment lightly. So, let me explain exactly why the mastermind is such a big investment: 

Don't wanna take my word for it?

Not to worry! I straight-up asked current mastermind members exactly what they would say if they were asked "Was the mastermind investment worth it?" Here's what they had to say:




frequently asked

Applications open every 6 months, and the next group will take place from July-Dec 2024. Applications are currently open, and there are only 12 spots available. Business owners chosen for the mastermind will be notified in June 15th, 2024. You can apply at any time to be considered! 

Absolutely not! One of the best parts about a mastermind group is learning from different industries and perspectives. All creative business owners are welcome (and encouraged) to apply! In the past we have had florists, wedding planners, conference hosts, virtual assistants and more. 

I want the details!

Click here to apply for the 2024 mastermind. 

how does it work?

Do I have to be a photographer to apply?

I will be choosing mastermind members based on their current business's profitability, the clarity they have on their upcoming projects and the strengths they bring to the group as a whole. A large part of your mastermind investment is in my ability to curate a well-rounded group of students, so I don't take that responsibility lightly. 

How are you determining who is a good fit for the mastermind?

I will reach out over email to ask additional questions or set up an interview if I believe you are a good fit for the 2024 mastermind group.

Yes! The mastermind program can be paid for up front for the 6 months (save $600) or you can pay $1600/month.

How will I know if I made it in?

DO you accept a payment plan?

Of course! All meals and lodging will be provided for the in-person event in Charleston, SC - the only thing you will have to pay for is to get your cute self here! 

Are accommodations included for the in-person event?



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