introducing THE 

a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members and a business coach

So, what exactly is a "mastermind?" 

Okay, I'm interested! Tell me more!

an intensive 6-month program for creative business owners looking to scale their businesses and change their lives


I spent an entire year learning from a business coach and fellow business owners who were at the same level and chasing the same dreams that I was. And none of us were even in the same industry! Through the coaching, community and education I was provided during my mastermind - my life and business completely changed. I scaled my business to six figures of passive income, moved my business across the East Coast without taking a financial loss, added members to my team and felt CONFIDENT in all of my business decisions. Having unlimited access to a community that will help provide insight on my every move, answer any question (no matter how big or small!) and help me to make the RIGHT decisions was invaluable. It was truly the most game-changing investment I had ever made. 

So, i decided to start my own! This application-only mastermind will only be available to 12 business owners for the second half of 2020.

In my first two years of business, investing in education was SO important to my growth and success. I attended workshops, conferences, mentoring and coaching that helped me to level-up, provided me with community and gave me direction for my business. But, as my business grew, I started having a difficult time finding education for business owners that were more advanced. I understood the basics of photography and business, I knew how to market and use social media, I didn't need any more networking opportunities...so where in the heck was I supposed to go next? Then, in my 6th year of business, I started to feel so alone and frustrated. I was making EVERY business decision myself with zero guidance and very little community. So, I did something that changed the GAME for me. 

Let's ask google: 

Hear directly from current mastermind members:

"Hope's mastermind has been one of the greatest investments I've ever made in my business!"

– Rebecca

"The Hope Taylor Mastermind was EXACTLY what our business needed! For months, we'd been feeling stuck as we fought to grow the educational side of our business. We'd been spinning our wheels, trying every which way to grow and make real income from the educational side of our business, but nothing seemed to work. Through Hope's Mastermind, we've been able to work directly with Hope to create a real plan to make our dreams happen, determine our area of expertise as educators, and how to balance serving our students well with making real income from our knowledge and service. You can't put a price on having unlimited access to Hope throughout this experience, no matter if you have a question about launch strategy, pricing your offerings, how to structure a course, or anything else. We're walking away from this Mastermind with clarity, focus, direction, and a plan, and for the first time ever, we actually believe that building the educational business of our dreams IS possible. We can't thank Hope enough for providing this opportunity and pouring into us!"

–Caitlin and Luke 

"If you're on the fence...DO IT!!! Hope's mastermind has been one of the greatest investments I've ever made in my business! I immediately saw a change in my business after implementing the things Hope taught. She helped me get my passive income really coming in, and it's on track to pay for itself in only a couple of months! Hope knows what she's talking about, and really cares about YOU. She does whatever she can to help your business thrive, while always checking in to see how you're doing. This mastermind was a game-changer in my already thriving business. I'm SO thankful for Hope and for all she's done for me! After implementing the things Hope taught us, I made back a third of my investment through passive income streams in ONE MONTH! Since I learned how to scale it, I'm on track to have the mastermind completely paid for in the next 4-6 weeks from passive income alone!"

–Rebecca Rice 

-Rebecca Rice

Next-level education and mastermind-style teaching for business owners looking to scale their passive income.

Ready to change your biz and your life?

Your business is already profitable and succesful, but you know you aren't done growing and dreaming

You are in the right place if...

You are serious about launching a new product, idea or offering in 2020 - and want to make sure you are doing it RIGHT 

You feel like you've maxed out on the education that is available to you (because you don't need another workshop or conference)

You are seeking community and being surrounded by business owners that are at the same stage of business (and ones that are even more advanced!) 

You are prepared to make the emotional, financial and time commitment to do the work and change your business

Let's hear from one amazing student...



Stephanie is a member of the current mastermind, and shared with me some results she has seen in only the first 3 MONTHS of the program! Here's a direct quote from her about her experience in the mastermind thus far:
"...having someone who lays it all out for you and then is available for daily Voxer calls and emails to help you specifically? PRICELESS. I know it's a BIG investment, but trust me, it's WORTH IT. If you want to build scalable income in your business and you're ready to do the work and implement what you learn, this is such an incredible program to join. I've made some HUGE investments in my business in the past and have been disappointed... but this mastermind is the complete opposite from disappointing. Is one of the BEST investments I have ever made, and is literally changing the trajectory of my business. It is COMPLETELY worth it. I've already gained back most of what I invested into the mastermind, and it's only half way over!"


# of Email subscribers:



Passive income in first 3 months of 2019: 








# of Email subscribers:



Passive income in first 3 months of 2020: 



-Launched her first online course (and made over $5k during launch week)
-Created her first email funnel to continue generating revenue from that course
-Implemented new strategies to gain email list subscribers (and gained over 800+ new leads)
-Hosted a free challenge with 450+ members
-Pursuing speaking opportunities (and going to speak at her first conference in June!) 

A total of 6 monthly content calls that will take place during the first week of each month where we will dive deep into topics that will take your business to the next level. These calls will be recorded for you to review for life, and there will be ample time for Q&A each month.

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WHat's included:

On the third week of each month, we will have a monthly "hot seat" call. During these calls, 1-2 members of the mastermind will have an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from Hope and all of the mastermind members on projects they are actively working on.  

All mastermind members will be added into an online community for on-going support, encouragement and resources for the duration of the mastermind. Hope will also regularly go live in this group to answer questions and provide additional support. 

Each member of the mastermind will receive 1 one-on-one coaching call during the 6 month coaching period to get even more personalized coaching. You will select the date for your one-on-one call upon registering for the mastermind (and the dates are first-come, first serve!) 

Each member of the mastermind will have UNLIMITED email and Voxer access to Hope as their business coach. This includes answering any questions, editing and reviewing content, getting access to Hope's resources  and more. 

At the end of the 6 month mastermind program, there will be a 2-day in-person intensive in Charleston, SC for mastermind members only. We will cover more content, have time for implementation and end the mastermind with a bang (and wine)! 

This application-only coaching opportunity has 12 spots available and was intentionally designed for a specific type of business owner.

But, the mastermind truly isn't for everyone.

Already run a profitable business, but you are ready to start making MORE while working LESS with passive income streams  

I'm convinced.

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The Hope Taylor Mastermind is for you if you...

Are looking to level-up in business by implementing strategies used by some of the top earners in the creative industry

Are willing to put in the WORK to see growth in your business...and don't expect the hard part to be done for you

Are seeking community and understand the value of learning from others in the mastermind setting, not just from Hope 

Are actively ready to launch your next big project, product or venture in your business - and want to do it the RIGHT way

What will we be learning?

From the get-go, we'll hit the ground running by talking through my entire launch strategy timeline + email marketing basics - this will give you the perfect platform to begin planning your calendar for the second half of 2020. We'll talk through how to prime your audience, plan a succesful launch and the strategy that has helped me make 6 figures of passive income each year.

I'll be breaking down exactly how I've built my email list from nothing to almost 20,000 in only two years and how it makes me money in my sleep with evergreen sales funnels. We'll also talk about how to continue to scale your audiences on all platforms to consistently bring in new leads! 

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The mastermind content will be custom-tailored to fit the needs of the members who are chosen, but some of the topics we will be covering will include:


building a list and strategy that will make you money in your sleep


revenue streams that create evergreen income

What works, what doesn't and how to lay out your product in a way that is completely irresistible to your ideal audience. We'll make sure all of your sales pages are well-designed, have great copy and are FUNCTIONAL - because pretty doesn't matter if it isn't bringing in sales. 



The timeline of a launch and the basics just aren't enough - we're going to dive DEEP on this call into every tiny piece of strategy that helps me convert email list subscribers to buyers. From sales copy, webinar strategy, live launches, free challenges and more - I'm pulling back the curtain on all of the seemingly-simple tasks that make MASSIVE impact on my sales.

Outsourcing is a common topic that is discussed in our industry, but not necessarily at an advanced level. Maybe you feel like you've maximized your outsourcing and team options, but you still don't have enough time in the day to do the things you want to do in your business. Let's analyze new areas you can outsource, and how to level up and maximize your team.




outsourcing to free up your time so you can build an empire

Algorithms are our WORST nightmare...but video should be your best friend! We'll dive into how to connect WELL with your audience through video and visual content, but how to do it strategically to feed into your passive income sources - and ensure it isn't a waste of time or money. We'll also have our in-person retreat this month for additional customized content + implementation time! 


the best way to build your business and your brand

hear what other mastermind members are saying: 

"Hope is just a wealth of knowledge and resources."

- Rachel

"Hope truly cares about me and how I felt during the mastermind. She was willing to do a call with me during the mastermind to relieve any stress I was having. Hope understands and knows what she is talking about when it comes to business and passive income. She really does care about you and always checks in with you to make sure you are doing okay. I love that Hope has asked me where I want to go with my business, where I see myself right now, and has helped me find my passion in what I am doing. I know I have ideas I would like to do and I know with Hope's help, I will be able to achieve those goals I have for my family and I. I am beyond blessed to have met Hope, to have her part of my life, and to have her support in my business and personal life. I know I am walking away from the Mastermind with a clear focus, direction, and lifelong friends that will be some of my biggest supporters in my business. I know I gained not only a coach in Hope, but a friend in her. I know she will continue to encourage me and support me. I can't thank Hope enough for her servant heart into me and for pouring her knowledge into me. Thank you Hope for everything!"

-Courtney Bosworth

"I really wasn't sure if the Mastermind was right for me because I wasn't currently doing education or even had a clear vision of WHAT I wanted to be doing, but I did know I wanted to explore passive income! I came into the Mastermind with a couple of ideas in my head, but after talking with Hope and her really drilling down to what my passions are and what I am really good at I am now working on something COMPLETELY different! I am so grateful that Hope really worked with me and asked a lot of questions to get to MY WHY, instead of just telling me how to write a course on something that I wasn't really passionate for!" 

-Michelle Scharfman

"This experience is so unlike any other business program you could invest in. The price was a little bit of sticker shock at first and I was hesitant because I've never invested this much into one program that wasn't teaching me a new technique related to my profession directly but after just the first week I was hooked! This program is so much more valuable than you know. To have access to Hope's brain and all of the other course students is so incredible; they're resources you just can't put a price tag on. I've grown so much and I'm so excited to have someone follow along with me and cheer me on while I can implement all of my new knowledge! I feel like I got 12 new friends and business minds for the price of one! Honestly though, having full access to Hope's mind any time I had a question was the best. Our Voxer messages have been life changing."

- Rachel Redden

Let's break this down: 

So, how much is it? 

Take me to the application!

I want to change my life and business.

6 monthly content and Q&A calls 

One payment of


6 monthly payments of



6 monthly HOT SEAT calls 

1 individual one hour coaching call

unlimited email and voxer access to hope

2 day in-person intensive in charleston, SC


So, how much is it? 

(SAVE $500)


frequently asked

We will kick things off in July of 2020, and finish with our in-person event in December 2020! All group calls will take place on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 4pm EST. 

Absolutely not! One of the best parts about a mastermind group is learning from different industries and perspectives. All creative business owners are welcome (and encouraged) to apply!

add me to the waitlist!

I want to be a part of the mastermind!

When does the mastermind begin and when do calls take place?

Do I have to be a photographer to apply?

I will be choosing mastermind members based on their current business, upcoming projects and specific business needs. I want to ensure EVERY member is a perfect fit for the program and content so everyone gets the MOST out of the mastermind experience. 

How are you determining who is a good fit for the mastermind?

I will be notifying all mastermind members by May 1st, 2020! A retainer of one month of the mastermind cost ($1250) is required upon being selected to solidify your spot in the program.

Absolutely! You can pay for the 6-month mastermind program up front, or pay monthly as we go! A one-month retainer of $1250 is required before May 15th to secure your spot.

How will I know if I made it in?

DO you accept a payment plan?

Of course! All meals and lodging will be provided for the in-person event in Charleston, SC - the only thing you will have to pay for it to get your cute self here! 

Are accommodations included for the in-person event?



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