Gwen Griffin | DC Senior Session


I can’t even begin to describe how much fun this session was! I’ve known Gwen since my freshman year and I was SO excited when she texted me about doing her senior photos in DC! I had never been to see the cherry blossoms before (and I’ve lived here for 8 years…crazy right?!) and it was SOOOO amazing!
We got up at 4am and headed for DC at 5 (making a pit stop at Starbucks on the way, of course) and starting shooting by 6:45! I was pretty nervous about the number of people that I expected to be there, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought! Gwen is STUNNING and these photos are some of my favorites in a while! Not only is she an amazing student, but she plays the viola and is awesome at lacrosse! I can’t wait to graduate with her in a little more than 3 weeks! AHH!

Enjoy some of the gorgeous images from her session below and leave her some love!

2014-04-15_0001 2014-04-15_0002 2014-04-15_0003 2014-04-15_0004 2014-04-15_0005 2014-04-15_0006 2014-04-15_0007 2014-04-15_0008 2014-04-15_0010 2014-04-15_0011 2014-04-15_0012 2014-04-15_0013

Her super sweet dad works in DC and took some time off to come meet us for a few shots…SO sweet!

2014-04-15_0014 2014-04-15_0015 2014-04-15_0016 2014-04-15_0017 2014-04-15_0018 2014-04-15_0019 2014-04-15_0020 2014-04-15_0021  2014-04-15_0023 2014-04-15_0022 2014-04-15_0025 2014-04-15_0026 2014-04-15_0027


April 15, 2014


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