Okay, ya’ll…IT’S HAPPENING!!! I’ve lived in Charleston for almost a year now (WHAT!!!) and this post is already long overdue! I swear I get DAILY messages, comments and emails asking about my fave places to visit in Charleston…and I don’t blame ya’ll!! It is truly the BEST place to vacation and such a popular travel […]

Last year, Morgan and I traveled to Greece on a whim…and this year it was Argentina. Maybe this should become an annual tradition!?!?! Haha! At the end of 2018, Morgan was gone for a few weeks in Argentina visiting her sister and brother-in-law. She came back home for a short time before traveling to Peru (can […]

This blog post has been in the works for a LONG TIME. I have followers and friends who travel into Fredericksburg often, and they ask me where they need to visit while they’re here. I also host workshops and educational events in the area, and always share an ugly Word document of places to visit – […]

I still can’t believe last week was real life. If you follow me on Instagram or social media, you may have seen that I spent the last week traveling in GREECE! My best friend Morgan and I planned this trip back in January. We both were going through a tough season and decided we wanted […]

Last week, I hosted a retreat that I never thought I’d be hosting. When I decided a few years ago that I wanted to pursue being an educator and hosting workshops, I knew that I wanted the experience to far surpass the workshop itself. I wanted to build a community of women, photographers and business […]

You may have seen last week that I was a little bit MIA on social media…because I was on the Taylor Family spring break vacay!!! My younger siblings, Nathan and Abby, had the week off of school for spring break, so we planned our first family vacation in YEARS. We took a road trip in […]

If you follow me on social media, then you saw that I was in IRELAND last week!! It’s hard to find the right words to summarize this trip…but I’m going to try my best for the sake of this blog post!! I’ll rewind and start from the beginning of the story and how this trip […]

Let me just start off this post by saying that I have the GREATEST friends in the WHOLE entire world. I turned 20 years old last week on June 30th (woohoo!!) and my mom and best friends worked together to plan a surprise birthday getaway for me and I just love them all so much!! […]



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