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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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My Wisdom Teeth Journey



I had been dreading this surgery for months. 10 months to be exact. I had my wisdom teeth removal scheduled for August of 2013…but then I got sick, then we had a vacation, then I had this and that and I kept having to reschedule. As July 18th started to approach…I tried to think of any & every reason to reschedule again. I am TERRIFIED of anything surgical-related, dental or otherwise, and I wanted to push it off for as long as possible! My wisdom teeth have never bothered me, so I kept telling myself I didn’t need the surgery anyway! I kept myself super busy last week…and then stayed up the entire night before the surgery. (I kept telling myself that if I was super tired, I wouldn’t have enough energy to be scared) and then I woke up on the morning of the surgery…and I actually wasn’t nervous. I was super sleepy (and loopy from the medicine they gave me) and I don’t even remember the car ride to the dentist!

I don’t remember waking up from the surgery (or the car ride home…) which made for some seriously interesting selfies. There was a lot of drooling on myself (couldn’t feel my lips for awhile) and a lot of confused questions…but I SURVIVED. I’m still in bed this week recovering, as my bottom teeth ended up being a little more impacted than expected, but I am just thankful that it is DONE. I’m also SUPER thankful to have a few days in bed to prep for the upcoming fall season and to rest.

Here are 10 things that my wisdom teeth surgery has taught me:

1. KFC has really, really good mashed potatoes. Like…really good.

2. Frozen peas smell weird…but frozen corn smells worse. I recommend peas.

3. If you smash the frozen peas between your fingers while icing your face with them…when you refreeze them, they turn into a solid block of squished frozen peas. It’s not comfortable to lay on.

4. Coke Slushees melt really fast. I’ve learned to eat them faster.

5. Putting on mascara when you can’t open your mouth is very difficult.

6. Resisting eating popcorn is probably the hardest thing I have ever faced. I have to do it for two more weeks. I’m not okay with it.

7. I have some pretty amazing friends and really awesome parents. (I already knew this…but having them take care of me for a week just reminded me)

8. When you spend a lot of time on Twitter, you see a lot of pictures of puppies. When you see a lot of pictures of puppies, you really, really want a puppy. (I need a puppy)

9. Everyone tells you that you’re going to want ice cream after your surgery…you don’t. I don’t think I’ve had any ice cream. You want frozen peas and sleep. Lots of sleep.

10. When you’re super pale, you bruise. I have some pretty epic bruises (see photos)

I hope that these pictures make some people laugh…I don’t remember taking half of them!! Hahaha! For anyone who is getting wisdom teeth surgery any time soon: DO NOT stress it! You will be totally fine!

This is a prime example of a photo I do not remember taking:


Meet my stuffed puppy. I’ve had him since I was 5 and this is what I’ve looked like the majority of this week…



This boy (and mashed potatoes) made my recovery a lot easier…so thankful for him!




You know you have a great best friend when she brings you dry shampoo because you can’t shower by yourself….


These are from last night!! Headed out to a movie with friends!! Needed a break away from the house!! My body wasn’t too happy with me afterwards, but it was fun while it lasted 🙂


The epic amounts of bruising…this is WITH makeup!!




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I'm Hope Taylor, an international Senior Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Charleston, SC. I'm also an educator, international speaker, and the host of multiple sold-out workshops each year!



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