Erika + Josh | Sweetheart Session in the Snow

Snow days are my absolute favorite. Some people only love snow on the weekdays, because it gets them out of school, but I love snow ALWAYS. I think that there is something so beautiful + peaceful about the flakes silently accumulating on the ground and everything being covered in white. Here at our new house (which will we be coming to the blog soon, I promise!!) our backyard is full of evergreen trees, and there are 10 deer that call it home. Watching the snow fall here is SO different than where we used to live on a main road, and I absolutely LOVE it!!

With that being said, because of the snow, I didn’t get to do ANY shooting last week! Whenever I can’t shoot for more than a few days…I start going through withdrawals. And it’s not okay. So, I gave Erika and Josh a call, and they came out to my new house to do photos in the backyard!! I always LOVE shooting these two, because they are just the sweetest. Their love it so adorable, and I could shoot them over and over again and never get bored!! Erika also needed some new head shots for her rebrand that she’s working on (which is going to be AMAZING), so her and I ran inside for a quick-change halfway through and froze our toes off in dresses + Hunter boots!! But, it was all worth it, and these pictures made my heart so happy yesterday!!

I hope everyone is staying warm in this crazy weather!! Happy Sunday!



February 22, 2015


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