Quakers + Bubbles

Well, last week I went into Tractor Supply Co. to look at the cute little chicks that they had in the store. They were absolutely ADORABLE, but I definitely didn’t need a chicken!! But, then, one of the women working mentioned that they sometimes have ducks, and my mom chimed in that she used to have a duck as a kid and keep it in her bathtub…say WHAT!? I was immediately jealous that I didn’t have a pet duck, but left the store because they didn’t have any for sale.

Then, the next day, Tractor Supply Co. was on my route home again. I thought to myself “hey, it wouldn’t hurt to go look, right? I can control my emotions, and I’m sure they don’t even HAVE any ducks, because they didn’t have them yesterday, RIGHT?” So, I drove my little VW to Tractor Supply, and, sure enough, they had ducklings. And, to make matters worse, they were only $4.79. How does one NOT buy an adorable baby duck for less than FIVE DOLLARS?! So, needless to say, I left with two ducks. Now, Quakers + Bubbles are a part of the family!

These guys are actually MEANT to be pets, and they can be trained to live in the house like a dog or a cat! They are the absolute CUTEST things EVER, and they have become BFFs with my cockapoo, Biscuit!! Tell me that’s not just the sweetest thing!!

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April 14, 2015


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