Thanksgiving Recap! Personal

Happy Holidays, guys!!! I just love being able to start off a blog post with that 🙂 I hope you all had an INCREDIBLE and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones. Mine was EXACTLY what I needed and I was so thankful for two days away from work during this crazy busy season!! Our sweet friends, The Noonans, came into town from North Carolina to celebrate Thanksgiving with us and they stayed at our house all week. I grew up across the street from them and we just LOVE having them here to spend the holidays with us!! We had tons of delicious food every night, played Just Dance, saw movies, explored downtown Fredericksburg + spent quality time together before they left town again yesterday.

On Thanksgiving Day, I got to celebrate with TWO meals for the first time and I LOVED it!! Drew’s sweet family invited me over to join their dinner during the afternoon and then Drew and I headed back to my house to celebrate for the SECOND time that night! It was a FUN day and I ended it with a very full stomach but an even fuller heart. I just love this holiday season and being able to spend so much quality time with the people that matter most!!

Enjoy some of my favorite iPhone snaps from last week with all of my favorite people!!

Shortpump Mall has the most BEAUTIFUL Christmas decorations!!! So glad Natalie met us for dinner on Wednesday night!!


Drew’s pup is SO HANDSOME!!! I love having him hang downtown…everyone thinks he’s a wolf 🙂


The whole crew!!! Craziness!


I adore this guy 🙂


I ran into these two sweet girls in Alexandria after my engagement session this weekend…SO happy I was able to catch up with them!!



December 1, 2015


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