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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Anna + Caleb A Southern Inspired Virginia Cliffe Inn Wedding | Glen Allen, VA


I had never photographed at Virginia Cliffe Inn before, so I had no idea what to expect when I arrived on Anna and Caleb’s wedding day. But when I saw the beautiful home on the property…I was blown away!!! It has such a southern vibe and it made my heart so happy! We had the most perfect weather, beautiful venue and adorable couple for this wedding day…it was just bound to be amazing from the start!!

Caleb is my accountant’s son and when Michelle mentioned to me that they wanted me to be a part of the wedding day, I was so excited!! I just love her and knew that I would love her entire family just as much 🙂 But, when I found out that Caleb was marrying someone I went to middle school with…it was craziness!! SUCH a small world!!! Anna knew both Drew and I when we “dated” in 7th grade! Haha!! Good times 🙂

We had so much FUN photographing this wedding! There was so much joy throughout the entire day (I feel like I mention this in every one of my wedding day blog posts…but it’s so true!!! My couples are just full of so much joy and happiness-that’s why I love them!!!).

Anna and Caleb: Thank you both so much for allowing us to be a part of your big day! I hope you are having an absolutely amazing time on your honeymoon-enjoy some of my favorites!

hopetaylorphotography_9892 hopetaylorphotography_9893

Love this shot of Drew’s!!!

hopetaylorphotography_9894 hopetaylorphotography_9895 hopetaylorphotography_9896 hopetaylorphotography_9897 hopetaylorphotography_9898

SUCH a pretty venue!!! Love the Southern Plantation feel of this house!

hopetaylorphotography_9899 hopetaylorphotography_9900 hopetaylorphotography_9901 hopetaylorphotography_9902


hopetaylorphotography_9903 hopetaylorphotography_9904 hopetaylorphotography_9905 hopetaylorphotography_9906 hopetaylorphotography_9907 hopetaylorphotography_9908 hopetaylorphotography_9909 hopetaylorphotography_9910 hopetaylorphotography_9911 hopetaylorphotography_9912 hopetaylorphotography_9913 hopetaylorphotography_9914 hopetaylorphotography_9915


hopetaylorphotography_9916 hopetaylorphotography_9917 hopetaylorphotography_9918 hopetaylorphotography_9919

Two more favorites!!! Ah!

hopetaylorphotography_9920 hopetaylorphotography_9921 hopetaylorphotography_9922 hopetaylorphotography_9923 hopetaylorphotography_9924 hopetaylorphotography_9925 hopetaylorphotography_9926 hopetaylorphotography_9927 hopetaylorphotography_9928 hopetaylorphotography_9929 hopetaylorphotography_9930 hopetaylorphotography_9931 hopetaylorphotography_9932 hopetaylorphotography_9933 hopetaylorphotography_9934 hopetaylorphotography_9935 hopetaylorphotography_9936 hopetaylorphotography_9937 hopetaylorphotography_9938 hopetaylorphotography_9939 hopetaylorphotography_9940 hopetaylorphotography_9941 hopetaylorphotography_9942 hopetaylorphotography_9943 hopetaylorphotography_9944 hopetaylorphotography_9945 hopetaylorphotography_9946 hopetaylorphotography_9947 hopetaylorphotography_9948 hopetaylorphotography_9949 hopetaylorphotography_9950 hopetaylorphotography_9951

Thank you so much to the incredible creative team that made this day happen:

Venue: Virginia Cliffe Inn

Florist: Marylee Marmer Events

DJ: Doug Price

Gown Retailer: Formal Envy

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