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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I was in St. John last week with two of my very best friends for FIVE DAYS! I still haven’t even processed how in the world that was real life…but I haven’t felt this refreshed and rejuvenated in months. I am so thankful and so happy that I made the spontaneous decision to book a trip two weeks ago.

It’s been a long few months of hard work, stressful seasons and a lot of hustling. It’s been full of incredibly exciting things, too, and I am so grateful. But it had been a LONG time since I had last traveled for myself (and not for work). So, when I had a crazy stressful day two weeks ago…I found cheap tickets to the Virgin Islands and said “heck, let’s do it”. I texted two of my best friends, and they were IN. Within an hour, we had an entire trip booked and I was in disbelief! I honestly am STILL in disbelief and am having trouble convincing myself it wasn’t all a dream.

I had NEVER been to the Virgin Islands (or anywhere super tropical for that matter!) and everything was more beautiful than I could’ve imagined! We spent the days laying on the beach, eating delicious meals, sipping fruity drinks and doing anything BUT work. Natalie and Kristen are both full time college students on top of their businesses (CRAZINESS) so, needless to say, we ALL needed a break to refuel. The auto responders were turned on, phones were without service and, as Kristen said, “our blood pressures were so low we probably should’ve been dead” – haha!! We were so thankful for the time to relax and get re-inspired before busy wedding season begins.

One of my rules for traveling is that I keep my professional camera put away for the entirety of the trip, except for 1-2 times we shoot portraits of each other. So, that rule rang true for this trip and the majority of the photos you see below are from my trusty iPhone! Enjoy some of my favorite memories with my two favorite girls!


I have NEVER seen water this blue!!!


Photo on the right is a basket of chicken tenders and fries. I’ve never seen a photo that represents me more.

HopeTaylorPhotography_1317 HopeTaylorPhotography_1318 HopeTaylorPhotography_1319 HopeTaylorPhotography_1320

Wild donkeys at Cinnamon Bay!!


Portrait time!!! The photo on the right was sent to our best friend Jess who couldn’t come with us…we missed her!!!


Last day!!! The girls surprised me with a day on a catamaran where we island hopped and snorkeled through coral reefs…I will never forget these memories.

HopeTaylorPhotography_1323 HopeTaylorPhotography_1324 HopeTaylorPhotography_1325 HopeTaylorPhotography_1326 HopeTaylorPhotography_1327

I have some beautiful friends!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_1313 HopeTaylorPhotography_1314

Thank you so much for these, Kristen!!! I love you, girl!

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My favorites <3

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