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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Powder Blue Spring Wedding at Eden Try Anna + Chris | Fredericksburg, VA


I remember my first meeting with Anna in a coffee shop in downtown Fredericksburg. She told me all about her wedding day plans, how she met Chris and how excited she was for the big day. Then, last year, I met her sweet momma (who is an AMAZING florist!!) while working a wedding together. I’ve been DYING to photograph these two and their big day ever since!

These two met at work (they both work at Sherwin-Williams – so many funny jokes about this during speeches!!) and Chris’s sweet proposal just melts my heart. Family is something that is very important to both Anna and Chris, so Chris proposed on their annual family trip to the beach – with Anna’s entire family there! After the proposal on the beach, they walked back inside to find their family surprising them with an engagement party. So SWEET!!! They have built a beautiful relationship on their foundation of faith and selflessness – and it is so wonderful to witness.

This wedding kicked off my spring season with the most gorgeous weather – 70 and sunny the entire day! We were SPOILED with gorgeous blooms and such a fun, easy-going morning…I just loved it! AND, the entire wedding was my favorite color…it can’t get much better than that 🙂

Anna and Chris, I hope you enjoy some of my favorites! Capturing your wedding day was such an honor and I am so thankful to know you both. XOXO!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4701 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4702 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4703 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4704 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4705 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4706

I just loved these robes!!! So beautiful and unique!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4707 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4708 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4709 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4710 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4711

These sweet momma moments are always my favorite…I cry behind the camera every time!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4712 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4713 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4714

Daddy-daughter first look…SO sweet!!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4715 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4716 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4717 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4718

First look time!!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4719 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4720 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4721 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4722 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4723 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4724

The ENTIRE wedding party walked 3 blocks in downtown Fredericksburg just to get to this pink fluffy tree…WORTH IT.

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4725 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4726 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4727 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4728 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4729 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4730 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4731 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4732

LOVED these monogram barrels!!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4733 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4734 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4735 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4736 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4737 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4738 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4739 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4740 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4741 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4742


Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4743 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4744 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4745 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4746 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4747 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4748 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4749 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4750 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4751 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4752 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4753 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4754 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4755 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4756 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4757 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4758 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4759 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4760 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4761 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4762 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4763 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4764 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4765 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4766 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4767 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4768 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4769

A huge thank you to the amazing creative team who made this day happen:

Gown Designer: Stella York 
Gown Retailer: Ellie’s Bridal
Invitations/Paper Products: Minted
Cake or Dessert: Sweet Reasons 
Ceremony Music: Sarah Layman
Calligraphy: Jenny Britton

hi, y'all!

I'm Hope Taylor, an international Senior Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Charleston, SC. I'm also an educator, international speaker, and the host of multiple sold-out workshops each year!



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