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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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2018 Gift Guide: For Creatives My favorite goodies & gift ideas!



If you missed it, yesterday I shared the first gift guide of the week: Gifts For Her! Today I am sharing Gifts for Creatives: photographers, wedding planners, artists, boutique owners, florists and all creatives alike! These goodies are things I use daily in the business side of my life, and little “life hacks” that all creative ladies will LOVE!

These gift guides include things I have sourced from¬†my Instagram DMs, my most frequently asked questions and some of my own favorites things! They are of varying price points (some would make great stocking stuffers, and some would be a much larger gift!) but my hope is that you can find some things you LOVE to buy for a loved one, or to add to your own wish list this year ūüôā

View More: http://hopetaylorphotographyphotos.pass.us/july-2018-content

#1: Pixel Eyewear Blue Light Glasses

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen me talk about these! I am a HUGE believer in blue light glasses (that protect your eyes from damaging blue light from laptops and phone screens) and Pixel is my fave! They have the CUTEST styles and they DON’T have a yellow tint – which means I can design and edit without worrying about colors looking different! You can use code “HOPETAYLOR” for $5 off any pair!

#2: 5 Minute Journal 

Oh I just love this thing. It was another gift from my mom (can we all agree she’s the best?) and it’s a huge part of my morning routine. I always LOVED the idea of journaling and keeping track of memories, but never felt like I had the time or structure to do it effectively. The prompts in this journal make it SO easy and quick! I do it right when I wake up and before bed each night.


#3: Monogrammed Leather Camera Strap 

This camera strap was gifted to me by the amazing team at FotoStrap and I am in LOVE!! It is a custom leather strap that they allowed me to engrave with anything I wanted. Mine is monogrammed, but you can get whatever you would like! It is a new favorite of mine alongside my BlackRapid strap from last year’s gift guide!

#4: Kamrette Camera Bag

This is one of the first things on MY Christmas list this year…because¬†I don’t own it yet! But I am in LOVE with the Kamrette camera bags and am hoping to find one under the tree for myself in just a few weeks!!! ūüėČ

#5: Silk Ribbon 

This is such a wonderful gift for any photographer, stylist or planner! We all use a variety of details to style things on wedding days and for personal shoots/flat lays. My sweet friend Courtney sells BEAUTIFUL silk ribbons that would make the perfect addition to anyone’s detail styling kit!

#6: Multi-Card Reader 

This card reader saved. my. life. And for YEARS I didn’t even know it existed!!! Instead of having to read all of my memory cards after a wedding day one by one, it can read four AT ONE TIME!!! This means I can pop them all in and take a shower while they upload instead of baby-sitting my laptop for over an hour after each wedding!!


#7: Detail Styling Boards 

Another AMAZING detail-related gift! These styling boards roll up like wrapping paper but are made of a thick mat material, and they are GORGEOUS. I have absolutely loved using them to style and photograph wedding day details this year!


#8: One Protein Bars

This may seem so random…but these are such a good stocking stuffer!!! As wedding professionals and busy boss ladies, we all need a go-to power snack. And, gluten free ladies…they are GF friendly!!! My favorite flavor is Maple Doughnut because, ya’ll…it tastes just like one. And they don’t have that gross chalky texture of most protein bars!

#9: Invisibobble Clear Hair Ties

I included these in one of last year’s gift guides, too…but they deserve a spot again this year. These¬†bad boys are SO easy to wear on my wrist all day while I’m shooting or working (because they don’t look like a typical black, ugly hair tie) and they keep my hair up without ripping my hair or leaving a kink in it!!! I swear by these!


#10: Tory Burch Tote

This is the priciest item on this list, but I had to include it! I get questions about it frequently and LOVE this bag. I’m not a huge “purse person”, but I needed a bag that I could use day-to-day AND use to travel that would fit my laptop. This tote has a divider in the middle that leaves room for my laptop and charger on one side, then #allthethings on the other side. It was a gift to me and I haven’t stopped loving it all year! (I linked an affordable one on Amazon, but you can find it on Tory Burch HERE!)

**exact bag not pictured, but similar! The one I’m referencing here is much more structured than my old one in the photo, which is why I love it!


#11: Coordinates Bracelet 

I am OBSESSED with these and the entire heart behind them. I was gifted one for my business’s one year anniversary – it has the coordinates of my very first studio, along with my favorite bible verse and business birthday date engraved on the inside. These are SUCH a thoughtful and customized gift!

#12: Walkie Talkies for Wedding Days 

This idea wasn’t my own…I found it on Caroline Logan’s blog earlier this year! She uses Walkie Talkies with her assistants and second shooters on wedding days. I bought the ones she recommended and have used them every wedding day since!!! They are SO. HELPFUL. when working events with multiple team members. And so easy to use!!! I just purchased two small over-the-shoudler bags to keep the walkie talkies in while I work!

BONUS: 50% off Honeybook 

Okay, I had to add this in here ūüôā Honeybook is the program that I use for my entire client booking workflow and client management system. It was what I use to send contracts, invoices¬†and questionnaires; accept client payments; manage communication and track projects; keep up with bookkeeping reports and more. If you want to add it to your wish list or sign up someone that needs it for 50% off, you can do so with THIS link!

**This post contains some affiliate links and coupon codes. I will make a small commission based on purchases for some of the products mentioned! I so appreciate you stopping by and utilizing those link when purchasing these gifts! XO!


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