A Day Downtown | Random 60 Degree Afternoons


I walked out of school this afternoon (after a two hour delay-hallelujah!) and the weather was GORGEOUS. After snowmaggedon and almost three weeks of frigid temps, I was so excited to finally have a pretty day! I didn’t have a session this afternoon, but Brandon and I took full advantage of the sunshine and headed for a day downtown! We started out at Goolricks, an adorable sandwich shop, and split a delicious root beer float! (If you haven’t had one of these…you’re seriously missing out!) Then we headed for an adventure on a hunt for some vintage cameras. I’m making a display in my bedroom of old cameras and have been wanting to start teaching myself the art of film (dual purpose!!) so we went into a ton of antique shops and stumbled upon a gorgeous Kodak! Then we headed to Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and bought an AWESOME vintage camera bag full of a TON of goodies! (check out the pictures below!) After that, we noticed the beautiful sunset and grabbed the tripod out of my back seat and snapped some photos before heading home!
Couldn’t have had a better afternoon and I love Brandon for being my sidekick on days like today 🙂 He’s going to start researching how to make the Kodak a fully functional camera and how to use some of the new equipment and I can’t wait to start learning!!

2014-02-18_0002 2014-02-18_0003 2014-02-18_0004 2014-02-18_0005 2014-02-18_0006 2014-02-18_0007

We stopped on the side of the street and he did some GQ modeling for me…he’s so cute! (I picked out that shirt for Valentine’s Day..props to me 😉 )

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February 18, 2014


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