Makaila and Brock | Engaged!


Let me just start off by saying that my day prior to this session was just NOT my day. I was not feeling well, didn’t get a good night’s sleep and everything seemed to be going wrong! It was topped off once I arrived at the location for the session when I put my keys down in the passenger seat (I’m standing outside of the car) so that I could put my jacket on, and a MASSIVE gust of wind blew past, shutting my car door with it. *BEEP* My car door locked itself with my keys, camera bag and all of my equipment locked inside with less than 5 minutes before the session was supposed to begin. I called my dad (aka Superman) and he sped down to the location with a spare key in hand and saved the day, so we kicked off the session only 5 minutes late!

The second that I met these two (even when they pulled up to find me standing in the cold with no camera or keys), my day was immediately turned around and I knew it was going to be an amazing session! Makaila and Brock are SO sweet and are so perfect for each other! We were laughing during their entire session and let me tell you…he picked out a BEAUTIFUL ring! It was so much fun to get to play around with my macro lens at this session, even if just for a little bit 🙂 We kicked off the session at a beautiful, snow covered field and then headed down to where Brock proposed! Enjoy some of my favorites from their gorgeous session below!

2014-02-21_0001 2014-02-21_0002 2014-02-21_0003


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 2014-02-21_0015 2014-02-21_0014 2014-02-21_0013

Love this ring shot…how beautiful is the ring!?


If anyone that you know is engaged and look for engagement photos or a wedding photographer, have them check out! I would absolutely love to chat with them 🙂


February 21, 2014


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