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Two weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook when I saw that one of my favorite photography magazines/blogs was looking for marketing articles to feature in their next issue. I have always wanted to have an article published in this magazine, so I took a shot by submitting a pitch about how I utilize Instagram as my biggest marketing tool. For the remaining two weeks, I hoped and prayed that I would get an email saying that my article was chosen to publish, but I had no such luck. Until, last Thursday, I was heading to my very first Shoot & Share photography meet-up when I got an email from Vickie Black, creator of Senior Style Guide, saying she wanted to schedule a time to talk on the phone. I instantly got SO excited but had no idea what it could be about, as people who get chosen for the magazine simply get an email saying when they will be featured. Needless to say, I instantly gave her a call and I could not be more excited about the opportunities I have been given…

I am so honored (and incredibly excited!!) to announce that I have been chosen by Senior Style Guide as their “Social Media Expert”! I will be sharing and teaching about how I use social media (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to market my business as a teen photographer. I will be sharing this via video blogs once a month on, and will also be opening it up for Q&A in the Senior Style Guide forum! Additionally, I will be featured in their magazine for the next few months discussing similar topics!

I am SO thankful and never could have imagined this happening! I hope that you all take some time to check out the videos and read the forum once I start posting them next month!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend,


PS: I just purchased the 35mm 1.4L lens this afternoon…it’s been a pretty awesome week!


March 29, 2014


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