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This is such an exciting blog post for me!! I knew I would be excited when my studio lighting finally came in…but I didn’t think I would be THIS excited!!! I ordered a ring light awhile back, and I had been waiting WEEKS for it to finally come in! When it finally arrived this week, I texted my best friend, Erika, and told her to do her makeup because we were taking pictures! (Side note: she’s AMAZING at hair and makeup, so she was all over it!!) We met up at the studio around 10pm, and we shot until almost 1am!!! We tried tons of different looks and used dozens of new pieces from the studio, and we ended up throwing together one of my favorite shoots to date!

I have had a lot of questions regarding my light setup for this shoot, and I shot with my Canon 5D Mark lll and 85mm 1.2 lens through a Prismatic Halo Ring Light! That was my only source of light, and we shot against a dark grey paper backdrop. We seriously had SO much fun, and I cannot get enough of these shots! Having the flexibility to shoot indoors on cold or rainy days is beyond exciting!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from my first EVER indoor shoot, and leave Erika (+ Josh) some love!!



December 18, 2014

  1. Emily Eppard says:

    Oh my gosh! These are absolutely amazing! I too am not a fan of taking pictures indoors but after seeing these, I am truly inspired to reach outside of my comfort zone too!!

  2. Savannah says:

    Love these! I’m usually not a big fan of studio shots, but these look like so much fun! I’ll have to add the ring light to my “want” list! 🙂

  3. LOVE these, Hope! <3

  4. Hope Easter says:

    Oh Hope I love these! Studio lighting can be so beautiful. It’s making me think about getting a ring light.

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