Connor + Michaela | Winter Sweetheart Session

These two are one of my absolute FAVORITE couples to shoot!! I have grown up knowing Connor since I was 5 years old, and our families have been close ever since we were neighbors when I was young. We spend every spring break together, go on family trips whenever we can, visit each other’s home for holidays and keep in touch all the time! When I saw that Connor had a girlfriend last year…I was WAY too excited. He is such a sweetheart, and I knew from the very beginning that Michaela and I were going to get along SO well! When he brought her on our spring break trip last year, I found out that I was SO right!!

I did a session with Connor + Michaela on the beach during that spring break trip (see that post HERE!) and it was a BLAST! When I found out they were coming in town right before Christmas…I just KNEW that we had to do something special! I had ordered a Kate Spade dress from “Rent the Runway” that I was supposed to wear the same weekend…but I ended up not attending the event! SO, I had Michaela try the dress on and it fit her like a GLOVE! She was glowing! These two are seriously WAY too cute together…I just love them both so much! We headed out on a very chilly winter afternoon…but the sunset was JAW-DROPPING! They rocked it out, even in the cold, and we finished up with some quick shots in the studio!!



January 8, 2015


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