Connor and Michaela | Couple Session on the Beach


I have been obsessing (yes, obsessing) over these photos for the past week and I am SOOO excited to finally share them with everyone!
Connor and his family (the fabulous Noonan family!) used to live across the street from me and I have known him since I was very young. We vacation with the Noonans once a year, and this year we headed to Hilton Head, SC! When I first started seeing Connor post photos of him with Michaela on his Instagram, I was soooo happy for him!! I was even happier when he texted me asking if I would do photos of them on our trip to the beach as a birthday surprise for Michaela; uhm, YES!! I had never shot on the beach before and I was SOO excited! Connor and Michaela are one of my cutest couples to date, and I have never seen Connor as happy as he was with Michaela at his side! We headed out one night for sunset, around 7pm, and got some GORGEOUS shots! Then, we decided that we wanted to be adventurous and do a sunrise session the next day! We all hopped out of bed at 6am (I, of course, had no makeup on and Michaela just looked flawless!!) and shot some more gorgeous images with the most stunning sunrise I have ever seen!
Enjoy some of my favorites from their session(s) below and leave them some love!

2014-04-27_0003 2014-04-27_0004 2014-04-27_0005 2014-04-27_0006 2014-04-27_0007


2014-04-27_0008 2014-04-27_0009 2014-04-27_0010 2014-04-27_0011 2014-04-27_0012 2014-04-27_0013 2014-04-27_0014 2014-04-27_0015 2014-04-27_0016 2014-04-27_0017

Michaela, you are STUNNING! Those eyes!

2014-04-27_0018 2014-04-27_0019 2014-04-27_0020 2014-04-27_0021 2014-04-27_0022 2014-04-27_0023 2014-04-27_0024 2014-04-27_0025 2014-04-27_0026 2014-04-27_0027 2014-04-27_0028 2014-04-27_0029 2014-04-27_0030 2014-04-27_0031 2014-04-27_0032 2014-04-27_0033


April 27, 2014

  1. Amanda Dentinger says:

    Down right gorgeous. I am sitting here obsessing as well.

  2. Tarah Schoof says:

    Eeeek! I am in LOVE with this session! Might I ask what lens you used? 🙂

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Hope these are absolutely GORGEOUS!!

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