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The last few weeks have been some of the craziest + most fast-paced weeks of my life, and I am completely pooped!! My family decided last weekend to sign the lease on a new house that they fell in love with…and we moved into the house in 5 DAYS. Yes, you read that right. We moved our ENTIRE lives from one house to the other, 45 minutes away, in FIVE. DAYS. You can try to imagine what that looked like. And, last week, I had 3 mentoring sessions, multiple mini sessions, meetings, a sweetheart session, a fully-styled spokesmodel luncheon and managed to prep for my trip this week. WHEW! I am so happy that we are finally settling into our new home, but I am even more excited for all of the fun things that are coming up in the next few months!! While January-March are usually considered “slow” or “off-season” for photographers, they are some of the CRAZIEST months of the year for me this year!! Here’s a quick sneak peek into some of the exciting things to come, and I cannot wait to share all of them with you here on the blog!

February 10-13th: Justin & Mary’s “Walk Through a Wedding” Workshop in Connecticut

February 23rd: Shoot with Peacaloo Boutique 

March 7th: The Senior Photography Worksop (AHHH! There are still a couple of seats left, and registration closes on February 28th! Hurry and grab one while you can!)

March 15th: Shoot with Monkee’s of Fredericksburg (and a fun surprise for my senior spokesmodels!)

March 25-26th: Justin & Mary Light Intensive (I get to work with them TWICE! GAH!)

March 28-31st: Creative at Heart Conference Round #2!!!

With multiple engagement sessions for my wonderful 2015 wedding couples, 6 one-on-one mentoring sessions, senior sessions and more…these two months are going to be AMAZING ones!! Then, in April, senior season starts to pick up and wedding season kick-starts with my first wedding of 2015! WOOHOO!! I cannot wait for the next 60 days (and more!) Be sure to follow me on Instagram, @hopetaylorphotography, to follow all of my adventures as they happen!


February 10, 2015


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