Give Yourself A Break


I have spent the majority of my morning trying to brainstorm today’s blog post, but I kept coming up blank. I have a long list of blog topics to write about on days like today, when I can’t come up with something creative, but none of those seemed right, either. And then, I realized…I just need to keep it really, really real on the blog today. Because, it’s just one of those weeks, and I feel like EVERYONE has them. Those weeks that seem to be so packed-full of to-dos and seemingly-scary errands that you just can’t seem to catch your breath. Those mornings that you wake up and immediately your mind is full of a long list of things to get done before lunchtime. They’re full of extra chocolate with your dessert, a large cup of coffee (or Pepsi, in my case) and some occasional crying-for-no-reason-but-can’t-get-yourself-together moments. And hey, guess what, friends? That is OKAY. Because, in this creative industry, there is no magic potion. There is no step-by-step instruction manual on how to be successful, and there’s definitely no simple recipe to making your dreams happen. So, some days will be hard. There will be weeks like this, where laying in bed and eating spoonfuls of cookie dough seem like the best possible option despite an overflowing calendar. I don’t ever want to make it appear that this business or this job of mine is easy and always full of happy times, because that’s unrealistic and unfair to portray. While I very obviously LOVE my job and feel so blessed to do what I do every day, there are still days when a break + a good book are necessary.

So, if this week is one of those weeks for you, I encourage you to shut your laptop, close the planner, put on some yoga pants and take a break. Give yourself some grace. Your deserve it. I was planning on spending my entire morning tackling some to-dos, but I know that I’ll be able to conquer them much better after a quick trip to my favorite Mexican restaurant and a big, fat bowl of queso. So, that’s where I’m headed. And you know what? That long list will still be here when I get home. But it’s amazing what a quick break (and some queso) can do to refresh your heart and mind.

There may not be an elevator to success, but stairs will help me burn off the calories from my Mexican food 😉 Happy Thursday, friends!


March 19, 2015

  1. Meghan says:

    Great blog, I so need this!!

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