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Both times that I attended the Creative at Heart Conference, we talked about dreams. The easily attainable ones, the big ones, the ones that require late nights and hard work, the ones that may never come true and the scary ones. The speakers talk about how important those dreams are and to never, ever let them go. It’s unbelievably inspiring and, both times, I walked out the conference doors feeling like I could conquer the world and tackle all of my dreams fearlessly! I think all of the attendees can probably agree that a “conference high” is a real thing and it’s the BEST thing ever! But, when we go home and sit behind our keyboards with a long list of dreams that seem so far off, it’s hard to keep that momentum going. When the days get long, the to-do lists never end and the dreams seem harder and harder to achieve, it’s easy to loose sight of them all together.

I’m one of those people who always has dreams that are too big for my body. Some people seriously think I’m crazy when I tell them some of the things I dream to do one day! And that’s okay by me. But, I have some huge dreams that I don’t talk about much. You know those really big, daunting, scary dreams that you don’t tell anyone about because you’re scared that they could never happen? Those places that you want to go and travel but you just brush it off because “it’s not possible”? I have those dreams, too. But, today, I’ve decided that I’m going to share those dreams. Because the first step towards fighting for dreams is to write them down and make them known. So, first, here’s a little list of the places that I want to shoot in! Traveling and shooting in new places inspires my work more than anything else, so if you know someone who may want to book a senior portrait or engagement session in one of these places, let them know I’d love to chat!

Charleston, SC

(I grew up in Charleston and it’s a huge dream to shoot a wedding there!)

Savannah, GA

Cape Cod, MA 

Santa Barbara, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Santorini, Greece 

There’s quite a few more on the list, but I’ll stop there for now…

And, heres’s a little list of my BIG dreams. The ones that may never become a reality. The ones that I’m scared to share in fear that they’ll sound silly. But, here goes nothing 🙂

Speak at a Conference 

Host a Senior Photography Workshop outside of VA

Have my work featured in Southern Weddings Magazine

Own a Clothing  + Jewelry Boutique 

(totally non-photography related, but that’s a big one for me!)

Collaborate with Kate Spade 

Now I want to hear YOUR big dreams! Comment them below or share them in your own blog post! Here’s to celebrating being a dreamer + working hard towards checking off those dreams!



May 14, 2015

  1. Carissa Bradley says:

    Hey!! I just stumbled across your work recently, so I’ve been reading through some of your blog posts! I love them! Your work is bright and beautiful!
    I’m currently on Camp Pendleton, California not far from L.A., sorry I don’t know anyone that needs a senior session right now but I will shoot you an email if I find someone looking for one!!

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