Tuesdays Together October Recap For Photographers

Last week, the Fredericksburg Tuesdays Together group had their October meet-up and we had SO much fun!! We met in the BEAUTIFUL reception space at the Inn at Old Silk Mill in downtown Fredericksburg. The owners of the Silk Mill graciously let 45 of us use their space to celebrate community over competition + chat all things legal! We gathered Tuesday evening and celebrated the beautiful fall weather with an ADORABLE custom caramel apple bar by Erin Loizer-how sweet is that!? She shared with the group all about how to create a simple + party-friendly caramel apple bar with pre-dipped apples + special syrup sprays to make the toppings stick! Genius, right!? This girl is amazing!!

After all of the attendees enjoyed their delicious caramel apples, we spent about half an hour chatting about all things business + legal. We talked about how to become a legal business in the state of Virginia, how to handle different legal situations + how to handle business insurance. It was such a fun topic to discuss + it’s something that ALL new business owners struggle with, so I loved being able to chat about it in a comfortable environment!

I’m currently attending the UNITED conference in Arizona and I’m already missing all of these sweet Fredericksburg attendees!! Enjoy some of my favorite shots from this month’s meet-up and be sure to join the Facebook Group if you’re in Fredericksburg and want to join us next month!!



October 20, 2015


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