Today’s video is by far the most requested to date…and it’s something I have NEVER done before. I am letting you guys watch me edit in REAL TIME!!! You’ll get to see my entire workflow for culling, editing, and sharing sneak peeks from a portrait session and I am SO excited for you to see! […]

Today’s topic can be a sticky subject…but we are tackling it anyways! I am sharing with you all of my thoughts for handling PAYMENTS as a photographer. The programs I use, the way I structure my payment plans, how I handle late payments and discounts, the way I remind my clients that a payment is […]

I actually wasn’t planning on doing gift guides this year because 2020 has been SUCH a crazy time for everyone. But, I shared on Instagram this week and asked if it would be helpful for me to compile some of my favorite products and sales happening for Black Friday…and I got HUNDREDS of responses with […]

This isn’t a topic I frequently talk about…but it’s one I get frequently asked about!!! While I am a wedding photographer, I am primarily a senior portrait photographer and tend to teach more about that side of my business than anything else. But, today I want to share a peek into my ALBUM DESIGN process […]

Today’s video is a special one that I’ve been really excited to share with you. I connected with Sacia Matthews shortly after moving to Charleston last year and instantly loved her. Aside from being wildly talented within the industry, she is hilarious, joyful and an absolute blast to be around. We’ve gotten the chance to spend […]

We have been focusing a lot on SENIORS the last few weeks…and today is no exception! In this video I am breaking down 5 different ways you can level-up your senior portrait client experience. Client experience is the CORE of word-of-mouth marketing and increasing your bookings/referrals…so you need to make sure you are on top […]

One of the topics I get asked to speak on most often is how I built my business so quickly in the very first year. I literally went from a 17-year-old hobbyist to a 6-figure earning business owner in just that first 365 days! I get interviewed about this all the time on podcasts, at […]

I WISH I had a video like this back when I was first starting my photography business! I remember always feeling SO overwhelmed at the number of options I had for things like gear, camera bags, camera straps, reflectors, etc…I had absolutely no idea where to start. I just wanted someone to sit me down […]



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