This post is so bittersweet to write…because it’s the LAST mastermind retreat post. I’m sure I’ll do another mastermind in 2022…but for right now, this is literally the last mastermind retreat we have scheduled!!! This amazing group of business owners were my mastermind students from July-December of 2020. Our retreat was originally scheduled for January […]

This week I am traveling for TWO back-to-back destination weddings…so there’s no better time to share this video! I’m breaking down how I pack all of my gear to FLY for a destination wedding, including what I carry-on versus what I check as personal luggage…with links to every piece! Tune in below! IF YOU ENJOYED […]

This week’s video topic is one we have NEVER talked about on this channel before! We are talking about photography WEBSITES. There are so many common mistakes I see photographers making, and a few key things that I see a lot of websites missing. In today’s video, I’m breaking down the 3 things that EVERY […]

One of my biggest frustrations at the beginning of my business was that my clients would come to their sessions unprepared. Their outfits would sometimes not be photogenic, their hair/makeup wouldn’t be done and they’d often show up late and disorganized. I used to allow this to really bother me…until I realized that it was […]

This week’s video is a fun one!! I get asked ALL the time what I wear for comfort and functionality when I photograph wedding days. Weddings are unique as a photographer because you are spending 8-10 (sometimes upwards of 12!) hours on your feet. You need to be able to move around and get every […]

These blog posts are always so close to my heart…I never know how to begin! If you aren’t familiar with my mastermind program, we’ll start there: it’s my highest-level coaching program that I only offer twice a year. I spend 6 months working alongside these business owners to help scale their businesses into passive income […]

Have you ever wanted to TRAVEL to photograph a wedding or portrait session? Gotten an inquiry from someone out of town and didn’t know how to properly quote them for your time!? Traveling for work as a photographer was always a HUGE dream of mine…but it’s so important to quote your client for your time […]

This video has been HIGHLY requested…and it’s a workflow that I have not changed in my entire 8 years in business. From the VERY beginning, I have ALWAYS provided my clients with same-day sneak peeks of their sessions on social media. It has always been a wildly popular part of my client experience, and (I […]



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