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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Showit UNITED in Scottsdale, Arizona with my sweet friend Natalie. I had been getting pumped about this conference for WEEKS leading up to it, but UNITED blew my expectations out of the water. For those who may not know, UNITED is a photography conference that is held by Showit every year for photographers around the world. It is designed to bring photographers together, help grow your business + celebrate community. I knew this conference was going to be packed full of new information + tons of fun, but I never expected it to make such an impact in my life + to connect me with so many wonderful new friends.

I shot a double header wedding weekend before Nat and I left for the airport at 3am on Sunday morning. I thought I was going to be EXHAUSTED, but my excitement and all of the fun festivities kept me going all day! The first night in Scottsdale was spent at Abby Grace‘s First Look styled shoot + meeting hundreds of amazingly talented photographers. The next two days were jam packed with phenomenal speakers, ground-breaking talks, delicious meals, wonderful conversation + creating memories that I will never forget.

I could probably type paragraphs and paragraphs about the ways that UNITED impacted my business + life personally, but I think the best way to view my experience at UNITED is through the iPhone shots I snagged along the way. The three days at this conference are days that I will NEVER forget + were exactly what I needed during a tough few weeks in my life. The love + encouragement that come along with these conferences fuel my heart + soul more than anything else in my business. If you are considering attending UNITED in the future, PLEASE take the leap and DO IT! You will not regret it!

You can see my first post about UNITED here to see images of my gorgeous best friend in Scottsdale! Next week, I’ll be sharing about the Senior Styled Shoot that I led during the conference! But, for now, enjoy some of my favorite behind-the-scences shots from my experience at UNITED!!

Traveling from 3am EST to 9am MST…CRAZINESS!


We arrived just in time for some delicious Mexican food because, well, that’s just what you do. There was also a fish in our hotel room.


Day number two!!! So many sweet friends!!


Night number two…time for the GALA!!!


Day number 3: Styled Shoot time!!! So honored to lead a shoot this year + can’t wait to share more images in a few days!


Annnnnd it’s time to go home….


Before we headed home, Natalie and I took some time to get new head shots of each other!!! Here are a few of my faves from her-love you, girl!!!

View More: http://nataliejaynephotography.pass.us/hopeunitedphotosView More: http://nataliejaynephotography.pass.us/hopeunitedphotosView More: http://nataliejaynephotography.pass.us/hopeunitedphotosView More: http://nataliejaynephotography.pass.us/hopeunitedphotosView More: http://nataliejaynephotography.pass.us/hopeunitedphotosView More: http://nataliejaynephotography.pass.us/hopeunitedphotos


October 27, 2015

  1. Dawn Wolff says:

    Beautiful inside and out, Hope! I will definitely be registering for United next year!

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