2017 Senior Spokesmodels | Surprise Deliveries #HTPSeniors

Last week was one of my FAVORITE weeks of the entire year!!! If you follow me on social media, you have seen me frequently posting about my senior spokesmodel applications over the last few months. I received over 100 applications from girls all over the state of Virginia and, after weeks of reviewing applications and finalizing the team, 14 incredible girls were chosen to represent HTP for the class of 2017!!! YAY!!!

Little did they know, last week was spent doing some seriously sneaky behind-the-scences work to prepare for Thursday! Each year, after the girls are chosen, I drive door-to-door to hand-deliver a gift box + balloons to each new member of the spokesmodel team!!! It feels just like Christmas except that I’M the one who gets to be Santa!!!! 🙂 They have NO idea that I am coming and I coordinate with their mommas beforehand to arrive when they least expect it-it is SO much fun!!!! So, on Thursday afternoon around 2pm, I set off with Caroline of Posh PR to travel over 250 miles to 14 different homes!!! The reactions of the girls are always PRICELESS and it makes the 7 hours of driving SO worth it!!! 🙂

Each girl received an amazing gift box full of swag from some wonderful sponsors (find them below!!) along with an invitation to next week’s Crowning Ceremony-stay tuned for more on that soon!!!

Congratulations to the AMAZING 2017 spokesmodel team:

Corinne Feroldi

Madi Koban

Dianna Hanvichid

Katie Tritt

Rachel Ransom

Sam Irish

Taylor Nickerson

Megan Robertson

Christina Amoruso

Sarah Simms

Katie  Dodson

Amanda Stoltz

Jayme Thomas

Alyssa Nease

And a HUGE thanks to all of the sponsors who helped make it happen:

Twila & Co. | Ladyburg | Buttercup Co. | Monkee’s of Fredericksburg | The Caroline Doll | Handspun Cinema 

AND, SURPRISE! Here’s a sneak peek to a little project with Handspun Cinema!!!! AH!!! More to come soon!!!



February 16, 2016

  1. Danielle says:

    I could only dream of having a program as fantastic as yours someday! LOVE this!

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