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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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My Switch to Honeybook For Photographers



If you are in the creative industry, especially if you are a member of the Rising Tide Society, then you have probably heard of Honeybook. Honey book is a game-changing business management software built specifically for creative entrepreneurs. I first heard about Honeybook from my sweet friend Natalie, and the way she talked about it immediately made me want to switch from my previous program. But, I was hesitant, because I had just made another payment for a year of my other business management software that I had been using. I’m also known for the whole “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” thing…and I didn’t have any problems with my previous program! I had been using it for over a year, it did everything that I needed a business management software to do and it had been working wonderfully for me. But, after a few months of learning more about Honeybook and procrastinating on the switch…I made the jump. And friends, let me tell you…I am SO glad that I did!

Honeybook is not only built specifically for creatives, but it is built with community over competition in mind. It’s built to assist entrepreneurs in managing their businesses and simplifying their lives, but it is also built to create collaboration and connection amongst industry professionals. Here are some of my favorite features that Honeybook offers that pushed me to switch from my previous program:

Customized Workspaces: 

Instead of simply using a program to send contracts and invoices to my clients, I now get to create customized workspaces for my clients and I to collaborate. I’m able to create a place for us to communicate and plan for their event in one beautifully designed, brand-cohesive space. All of the information is sent to my clients through email, but they can also log into their Honeybook workspace to see all of our conversations, questionnaires, contracts, payments, comments and information in one place!


The Pipeline: 

Upon logging into my Honeybook account, the very first thing I see is my Pipeline. This shows me all of my clients and their events in one place, as well as the status of their booking. From there, I can click on each individual client to work with them one-on-one. It makes my work days so much easier to see everything in one place from the start!



Oh, friends, this one is a game changer for me! In this area of my Honeybook account, I am able to add all of my favorite vendors and view all of my “connections” (or people that I have worked with). I can select preferred vendors and easily refer them to all of my brides, or refer a client out to another photographer if I am unavailable. It’s such a fun way to work with all of my friends and favorite vendors in the spirit of community over competition!

If you are on the market for a brand new business management software, I highly recommend considering Honeybook! If you are thinking about making the jump you can use THIS link to get 20% off of your account sign up fee!

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