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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Packing Gear for Traveling For Photographers


As this blog post is going live, I am on my way to the airport to catch my flight to the Bahamas for my first destination wedding!!! AH! I can’t WAIT to be a part of Marc + Chelsey’s big day at Atlantis resort this week…but that blog post is for another time 🙂

As I was preparing for this trip, I was packing + organizing all of my equipment to take with me on the flight. The thought popped into my mind that other photographers may be shooting weddings this year that require traveling long distances, so I wanted to share my packing tips with you on the blog!! Hopefully this post saves someone a little stress when considering booking a destination wedding or when packing for one!!! 🙂

To start, I would NOT be able to travel with my equipment if it weren’t for my Think Tank!!! I own the Airport International Rolling Camera Bag and I LOVE it!!! It fits ALL of my equipment (except for my light stands!) and it’s the size of a typical carry-on suitcase! So that means my equipment never leaves my side at the airport or while traveling…it’s the best thing ever! Here’s what my Think Tank looks like when it’s all packed up:


Here’s my checklist when I am preparing for a destination wedding:

1. Camera Bodies:

I bring along my 5D mark lll as well as my Canon 6D for both my second shooter & I! They both fit perfectly in the Think Tank!

2. Lenses:

My 50mm, 85mm, 35mm, 100mm macro + 70-200 telephoto lens all fit into the Think Tank comfortably as well!

3. Memory Cards:

I have a Pro Master card holder that holds 4 16BG memory cards as well 5 extra 16GB CF cards, 2 32GB CF cards and 2 32GB SD cards all packed in one of the top pockets of the suitcase! The SD cards are for the backup 6D while all of the CF cards are for the 5D…but I typically only use up 4-5 cards on a wedding day 🙂

4. Flashes + batteries:

My two 600EX-RT flashes fit on top of each other in one of the side pockets. I also keep 3 full sets of rechargeable batteries + a charger in another side pocket!

5. Camera batteries + charger:

I ensure that I have two fully charged batteries (one in each camera) as well as an extra camera battery + charger with me.

6. The extras:

In the top pockets of the Think Tank I keep business cards, my Expodisc, a copy of my insurance policy, card reader, a backup external hard drive, extra lens caps, extra memory cards, extension cord + small pieces for my light stands!

7. Laptop + charger:

The Think Tank also has an incredibly useful pocked on the front where I slide my laptop + charger!  Not only is it an easy place to keep it stored, it makes it SUPER easy to access it while in the airport + on the plane if I need to do some work on the go!

Additionally, I bring along my JoTotes shoulder bag that I carry with me on a wedding day! I use that as my personal item + then use my Think Tank as my carry-on suitcase 🙂


I hope this helps! Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends + good luck at your destination weddings! XO!

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