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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Michael + Cristal An Intimate Backyard Ceremony | Sparks Glencoe, Maryland


Oh, friends. This blog post is close to my heart for so many reasons. I am excited to share all of the beautiful images from Michael and Cristal’s wedding day…but this post is so much more than that.

I met Cristal in March at the Creative at Heart Conference. We happened to sit next to each other at lunch, hit it off and immediately began chatting about collaboration possibilities. She was beautiful, so darn sweet and had the most ADORABLE brand for her calligraphy business…she was just too cute!!! We chatted for about an hour and then followed up the conference with emailing back and forth to collaborate on some fun projects. But then, Cristal started emailing me about her engagement that she knew was coming up soon and she wanted me to be her wedding photographer, too!! AH! I was so thrilled and over-the-moon excited for her, I couldn’t wait to chat more details!

But, after a few weeks of chatting, the unexpected happened and grief struck her family. Her finance’s father had been diagnosed with lung cancer in February, but had been doing so much better and everyone thought that all was well. But then, in April, he took a turn for the worse and doctor’s discovered the cancer had spread and that he had two brain tumors. After a surgery to remove the tumors, the doctors only gave Michael’s father 4-8 months to live. Michael proposed to Cristal in the hospital room at his father’s bed side, and they planned a beautiful backyard ceremony to happen as soon as possible so that his father could be a part of the big day.  But, God had a different plan and Michael’s father went on to be in Heaven the week before the wedding ceremony was scheduled to go on.

When I received the email…I was heartbroken. But Michael and Cristal blew me away with their grace and love and joy. They were devastated and grieving, but they wanted to continue on with the wedding ceremony. They wanted to celebrate his life, have a day filled with immeasurable joy and honor their marriage on a beautiful day surrounded by their closest friends and family. A yellow rose sat in the place Michael’s father would have been sitting…and I know he was smiling down from Heaven as they exchanged the most beautiful vows and dedicated their lives to one another.

I have been using the word joyful a lot lately…but I can’t think of another word to better describe the atmosphere on Cristal and Michael’s big day. It was an emotional, beautiful, incredible wedding day that could not have been a more joyful, life-giving celebration. Enjoy some of my favorites from their amazing backyard ceremony! Michael and Cristal: I adore you both and feel so blessed to have been a part of your big day!


HopeTaylorPhotography_8067 HopeTaylorPhotography_8068 HopeTaylorPhotography_8069 HopeTaylorPhotography_8070 HopeTaylorPhotography_8071

Cristal designed all of the paper goods herself….SO gorgeous!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8072 HopeTaylorPhotography_8073 HopeTaylorPhotography_8074 HopeTaylorPhotography_8075 HopeTaylorPhotography_8076 HopeTaylorPhotography_8077 HopeTaylorPhotography_8078 HopeTaylorPhotography_8079

I ADORE these three!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8080 HopeTaylorPhotography_8081 HopeTaylorPhotography_8082 HopeTaylorPhotography_8083 HopeTaylorPhotography_8084 HopeTaylorPhotography_8085 HopeTaylorPhotography_8086 HopeTaylorPhotography_8087 HopeTaylorPhotography_8088 HopeTaylorPhotography_8089 HopeTaylorPhotography_8090 HopeTaylorPhotography_8091 HopeTaylorPhotography_8092 HopeTaylorPhotography_8093 HopeTaylorPhotography_8094 HopeTaylorPhotography_8095 HopeTaylorPhotography_8096 HopeTaylorPhotography_8097 HopeTaylorPhotography_8098 HopeTaylorPhotography_8099


HopeTaylorPhotography_8100 HopeTaylorPhotography_8101 HopeTaylorPhotography_8102 HopeTaylorPhotography_8103 HopeTaylorPhotography_8104 HopeTaylorPhotography_8105 HopeTaylorPhotography_8106 HopeTaylorPhotography_8107 HopeTaylorPhotography_8108 HopeTaylorPhotography_8109 HopeTaylorPhotography_8110 HopeTaylorPhotography_8111 HopeTaylorPhotography_8112 HopeTaylorPhotography_8113 HopeTaylorPhotography_8114 HopeTaylorPhotography_8115 HopeTaylorPhotography_8116 HopeTaylorPhotography_8117 HopeTaylorPhotography_8118 HopeTaylorPhotography_8119 HopeTaylorPhotography_8120 HopeTaylorPhotography_8121 HopeTaylorPhotography_8122 HopeTaylorPhotography_8123

So much love and so much joy…I just can’t get enough of these two!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8124 HopeTaylorPhotography_8125 HopeTaylorPhotography_8126 HopeTaylorPhotography_8127 HopeTaylorPhotography_8128 HopeTaylorPhotography_8129 HopeTaylorPhotography_8130 HopeTaylorPhotography_8131 HopeTaylorPhotography_8132 HopeTaylorPhotography_8133 HopeTaylorPhotography_8134 HopeTaylorPhotography_8135 HopeTaylorPhotography_8136 HopeTaylorPhotography_8137 HopeTaylorPhotography_8138 HopeTaylorPhotography_8139 HopeTaylorPhotography_8140

These sunset portraits…ah! SO many favorites!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8141 HopeTaylorPhotography_8142 HopeTaylorPhotography_8143 HopeTaylorPhotography_8144 HopeTaylorPhotography_8145 HopeTaylorPhotography_8146 HopeTaylorPhotography_8147 HopeTaylorPhotography_8148

LOVE these cupcakes!!! So darn cute!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8149 HopeTaylorPhotography_8150 HopeTaylorPhotography_8151 HopeTaylorPhotography_8152 HopeTaylorPhotography_8153 HopeTaylorPhotography_8154 HopeTaylorPhotography_8155 HopeTaylorPhotography_8156 HopeTaylorPhotography_8157

Thank you to the incredible vendor team that made this day happen:

Hair and Makeup: MG Hair & Makeup

DJ & Videographer: Monachetti Weddings

Caterer: Friendly Farm 

Desserts: Starry Night Bakery

Bartending: Never Thirsty 

Calligraphy: Sweetie Jacks

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