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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Perry + John A Trump National Golf Course Wedding | Sterling, VA


My dad called me randomly one night on the way home from work. He told me that he was at a business dinner and overheard two girls talking about needing a wedding photographer. So, naturally, my dad (who can pretty much become friends with ANYONE) interrupted and told them that his daughter was a wedding photographer and gave them my card. You gotta love proud dads 🙂 I never thought anything would come of it..but the next day I got an inquiry in my inbox from Perry! We met at a coffee shop in Alexandria and ended up talking for over an hour…we immediately hit it off and I had been looking forward to her wedding day ever since!

Perry and her bridesmaids are just the sweetest group of girls I’ve ever worked with. They made me feel so welcomed and so loved…I miss them all already! None of them even questioned me when I made a curtain cocoon in the bridal suite so that I could shoot the details with white reflectors…haha!! They all trusted me and my creativity and that always makes for some of my FAVORITE wedding day blog posts!

John and Perry: Thank you both so, so much for inviting me into your special day! I feel so blessed to have worked with you two and I hope you are having an AMAZING honeymoon so far!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8409 HopeTaylorPhotography_8410 HopeTaylorPhotography_8411 HopeTaylorPhotography_8412 HopeTaylorPhotography_8413

LOVE Perry’s oval ring!!! So stunning!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8414 HopeTaylorPhotography_8415 HopeTaylorPhotography_8416 HopeTaylorPhotography_8417 HopeTaylorPhotography_8418

These mugs…adorable.

HopeTaylorPhotography_8420 HopeTaylorPhotography_8421 HopeTaylorPhotography_8422 HopeTaylorPhotography_8423 HopeTaylorPhotography_8424

SUCH a beautiful bride!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8425 HopeTaylorPhotography_8426 HopeTaylorPhotography_8427 HopeTaylorPhotography_8428 HopeTaylorPhotography_8429 HopeTaylorPhotography_8430 HopeTaylorPhotography_8431 HopeTaylorPhotography_8433 HopeTaylorPhotography_8434 HopeTaylorPhotography_8435 HopeTaylorPhotography_8436 HopeTaylorPhotography_8437 HopeTaylorPhotography_8438 HopeTaylorPhotography_8439 HopeTaylorPhotography_8440 HopeTaylorPhotography_8441


HopeTaylorPhotography_8442 HopeTaylorPhotography_8443 HopeTaylorPhotography_8444 HopeTaylorPhotography_8445 HopeTaylorPhotography_8446 HopeTaylorPhotography_8447 HopeTaylorPhotography_8448 HopeTaylorPhotography_8449 HopeTaylorPhotography_8450 HopeTaylorPhotography_8451 HopeTaylorPhotography_8452 HopeTaylorPhotography_8453

Cutest little ring bearer I’ve ever seen!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8454 HopeTaylorPhotography_8455 HopeTaylorPhotography_8456 HopeTaylorPhotography_8457 HopeTaylorPhotography_8458 HopeTaylorPhotography_8459 HopeTaylorPhotography_8460 HopeTaylorPhotography_8461 HopeTaylorPhotography_8462


HopeTaylorPhotography_8463 HopeTaylorPhotography_8464 HopeTaylorPhotography_8465 HopeTaylorPhotography_8466


HopeTaylorPhotography_8467 HopeTaylorPhotography_8468 HopeTaylorPhotography_8469 HopeTaylorPhotography_8470 HopeTaylorPhotography_8471 HopeTaylorPhotography_8472 HopeTaylorPhotography_8473 HopeTaylorPhotography_8474 HopeTaylorPhotography_8475 HopeTaylorPhotography_8476 HopeTaylorPhotography_8477

SWEETEST father-daughter dance!!! Not a dry eye in the room!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8478 HopeTaylorPhotography_8479 HopeTaylorPhotography_8480 HopeTaylorPhotography_8481 HopeTaylorPhotography_8482

Golden hour portraits at sunset are ALWAYS my faves!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8483 HopeTaylorPhotography_8484 HopeTaylorPhotography_8485 HopeTaylorPhotography_8486 HopeTaylorPhotography_8487 HopeTaylorPhotography_8488 HopeTaylorPhotography_8489 HopeTaylorPhotography_8490 HopeTaylorPhotography_8491 HopeTaylorPhotography_8492 HopeTaylorPhotography_8493 HopeTaylorPhotography_8494 HopeTaylorPhotography_8495 HopeTaylorPhotography_8496 HopeTaylorPhotography_8497 HopeTaylorPhotography_8498 HopeTaylorPhotography_8499 HopeTaylorPhotography_8500 HopeTaylorPhotography_8501 HopeTaylorPhotography_8502 HopeTaylorPhotography_8503 HopeTaylorPhotography_8504 HopeTaylorPhotography_8505 HopeTaylorPhotography_8506 HopeTaylorPhotography_8507 HopeTaylorPhotography_8508

Thank you to all of the incredible vendors who made this day happenL

Venue and Catering: Trump National Golf Course

Hair and Makeup: Erica Thortenson

Florist: Flower Gallery of Manassas 

DJ: Bill Izer

Dress and Jewelry: Katherine’s Bridal Boutique

Invitations: Jenna Clay

Videographer: LA Millennium Video

Transportation: Chariots for Hire

Cake:Peggy Fletcher

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