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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Emily + Kyle A Luxury Salamander Resort Wedding | Middleburg, VA


We had their engagement session planned for two weeks before their wedding day because they were going to be in town. I was looking SO forward to it, because I hadn’t had a chance to meet Emily & Kyle in person yet, but I got really sick and had to cancel. I was SO bummed because I LOVE engagement sessions and think that they are a vital part in the wedding photography process. But, when I walked in on the wedding day…Emily and her bridesmaids made me feel like I had been their friend for YEARS even though I hadn’t even met them yet!! That’s how you know it’s going to be an incredible wedding day and an even better couple 🙂 The day was unbelievably beautiful and every last detail was stunning…but Emily and Kyle were so relaxed. Their focus was on one thing: each other. Nothing else mattered and I LOVED their outlook on the day!! They were so chill and just wanted to enjoy the day, their loved ones and their new marriage…it could not have been more perfect!!!

Except, maybe it was a little more perfect, because I got to work with the most amazing set of vendors who also happened to be friends!! The Caroline Doll of Posh PR was the planner for the big day and we had so much fun working together for these two! Even after only meeting them once…I just love Emily & Kyle to pieces!!! Their wedding has easily become a new all-time favorite and I am thrilled to be sharing it today!

Emily & Kyle: Thank you so, so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day! I am blessed to know you both and hope that you are having an incredible honeymoon! Enjoy some of my favorites!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8850 HopeTaylorPhotography_8851 HopeTaylorPhotography_8852

These BCBG bridesmaids gowns…I’m in love!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8853 HopeTaylorPhotography_8854 HopeTaylorPhotography_8856 HopeTaylorPhotography_8857 HopeTaylorPhotography_8858 HopeTaylorPhotography_8859 HopeTaylorPhotography_8860 HopeTaylorPhotography_8861 HopeTaylorPhotography_8862 HopeTaylorPhotography_8863

The entire day, everyone at the wedding couldn’t stop talking about Emily looking like a CELEBRITY!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8867 HopeTaylorPhotography_8869 HopeTaylorPhotography_8870 HopeTaylorPhotography_8871

I could’ve photographed these ladies ALL day!!! Talk about gorgeous!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8872 HopeTaylorPhotography_8873 HopeTaylorPhotography_8874 HopeTaylorPhotography_8875 HopeTaylorPhotography_8876 HopeTaylorPhotography_8877 HopeTaylorPhotography_8878 HopeTaylorPhotography_8879 HopeTaylorPhotography_8865 HopeTaylorPhotography_8868 HopeTaylorPhotography_8880 HopeTaylorPhotography_8881  HopeTaylorPhotography_8883 HopeTaylorPhotography_8884 HopeTaylorPhotography_8885

Pink macarons at each place setting!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8887   HopeTaylorPhotography_8890 HopeTaylorPhotography_8891 HopeTaylorPhotography_8892 HopeTaylorPhotography_8893 HopeTaylorPhotography_8894 HopeTaylorPhotography_8896 HopeTaylorPhotography_8897

LOVE this one!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8898 HopeTaylorPhotography_8899 HopeTaylorPhotography_8900

And they are MARRIED!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8901 HopeTaylorPhotography_8902 HopeTaylorPhotography_8904

This beautiful bridal party made my job WAY too easy!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8905 HopeTaylorPhotography_8906 HopeTaylorPhotography_8907  HopeTaylorPhotography_8909 HopeTaylorPhotography_8910 HopeTaylorPhotography_8911 HopeTaylorPhotography_8912

Favorite!!! The Salamander Resort did not disappoint with beautiful portrait locations!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8913 HopeTaylorPhotography_8914 HopeTaylorPhotography_8915 HopeTaylorPhotography_8916 HopeTaylorPhotography_8917 HopeTaylorPhotography_8918 HopeTaylorPhotography_8919 HopeTaylorPhotography_8921

Portraits in front of a vintage carriage!? Uh…yes, please.

HopeTaylorPhotography_8922 HopeTaylorPhotography_8923  HopeTaylorPhotography_8925 HopeTaylorPhotography_8926 HopeTaylorPhotography_8927 HopeTaylorPhotography_8928 HopeTaylorPhotography_8929 HopeTaylorPhotography_8930 HopeTaylorPhotography_8931 HopeTaylorPhotography_8932 HopeTaylorPhotography_8933 HopeTaylorPhotography_8934 HopeTaylorPhotography_8935

Their family and bridal party choreographed an AMAZING dance and surprised them during the reception…everyone was blown away!!! SO good!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8936 HopeTaylorPhotography_8937 HopeTaylorPhotography_8938 HopeTaylorPhotography_8939 HopeTaylorPhotography_8940 HopeTaylorPhotography_8941

Golden hour portraits…get ready for ALL of my favorite portraits in one place!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8942 HopeTaylorPhotography_8943 HopeTaylorPhotography_8945  HopeTaylorPhotography_8947 HopeTaylorPhotography_8948 HopeTaylorPhotography_8949 HopeTaylorPhotography_8951 HopeTaylorPhotography_8952 HopeTaylorPhotography_8953 HopeTaylorPhotography_8954 HopeTaylorPhotography_8955 HopeTaylorPhotography_8956 HopeTaylorPhotography_8958 HopeTaylorPhotography_8959

Father-son dance-off!! Haha!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8961 HopeTaylorPhotography_8962 HopeTaylorPhotography_8963 HopeTaylorPhotography_8965 HopeTaylorPhotography_8966 HopeTaylorPhotography_8967

A huge thank you to all of the incredible vendors that made this day happen:

Venue: Salamander Resort

Hair and Makeup: Elle Style Studio

Wedding Planner: The Caroline Doll of Posh PR

Florist: Yellow Door Floral Designs

DJ: Shew-sical Entertainment Services

Gown Designer: Theia

Bridal Boutique: Ellie’s Bridal Boutique

Invitation Suite: Script & Scribble

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