Sam Irish | Summer Senior Session Fredericksburg, VA

Sam is one of my beautiful 2017 senior spokesmodels and her senior session last week was so gorgeous!! Her bubbly, hilarious personality is always so much fun to be around and I knew her shoot would be a perfect reflection of that. When Sam applied to be a spokesmodel, she immediately caught my eye because her responses were so well-thought-out and adorable! Her parents are both in the airline industry, so she is a frequent traveler (so jealous!!) and she is also insanely involved in her school and community! Cheerleading, swimming, soccer, life guarding, clubs, non-profits….you name it, she’s doing it!

I am so, so grateful to have Sam on the team and LOVED working with her last week! It was a HOT afternoon, but she rocked it and we worked at some of my favorite locations!!! Enjoy a little peek into her shoot 🙂 Love you, Sam!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9384 HopeTaylorPhotography_9385 HopeTaylorPhotography_9386 HopeTaylorPhotography_9387 HopeTaylorPhotography_9388 HopeTaylorPhotography_9389  HopeTaylorPhotography_9391 HopeTaylorPhotography_9392

Favorite!!! I just love her hot pink shirt and this amazing, creamy background!


HopeTaylorPhotography_9394 HopeTaylorPhotography_9395 HopeTaylorPhotography_9396 HopeTaylorPhotography_9397 HopeTaylorPhotography_9398

I am OBSESSED with this dress from Peacaloo Boutique!!! And it’s so beautiful on Sam!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9399 HopeTaylorPhotography_9400 HopeTaylorPhotography_9401 HopeTaylorPhotography_9402 HopeTaylorPhotography_9403 HopeTaylorPhotography_9404 HopeTaylorPhotography_9405

Another favorite!!! Forever jealous of Sam’s mermaid hair.

HopeTaylorPhotography_9406 HopeTaylorPhotography_9407 HopeTaylorPhotography_9408 HopeTaylorPhotography_9409 HopeTaylorPhotography_9410 HopeTaylorPhotography_9411 HopeTaylorPhotography_9412 HopeTaylorPhotography_9413 HopeTaylorPhotography_9414 HopeTaylorPhotography_9415

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