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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Talara + Chris An Elegant Garden Wedding | Eubank, Kentucky


When a bride contacts me about photographing a wedding in another state, I always feel SO honored. So when Talara contacted me about shooting her wedding in Kentucky, I couldn’t believe it!! And on top of that, she is a wedding photographer herself…talk about an honor! I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of Chris and Talara’s incredible wedding celebration last weekend and have been dying to share it since the 12 hour car ride home on Sunday!!!

Talara is such a sweet bride and a dream come true to work with. She was so detail-oriented throughout the entire process and made everything so easy on her vendors!! She took such good care of us and I am so grateful for that. When Drew and I arrived on the wedding day, we were blown away by the beautiful details she incorporated! She chose to rent out a bed and breakfast for her getting ready location. But the catch was that the bed and breakfast was actually still being BUILT! So, all of the rooms were EMPTY with bare, neutral colored walls and huge windows…it was a photographers DREAM!

During the last few portraits before the ceremony, the sky started to get a little darker and thunder started to roll. As the ceremony grew closer, so did the storm…but it was as if no one could even hear it! Everyone was so excited to be there celebrating Talara and Chris that they couldn’t have cared less about the storm! Right at Talara’s dad gave her away and the officiant started the ceremony…the sky opened up and it started to POUR. But, again, no one was phased! Everyone sat through the ceremony in the pouring rain and it was INCREDIBLE!! The rain stopped right at they were announced as husband and wife and the rest of the night was just as wonderful!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this amazing wedding day and leave them some love! Congratulations, Talara and Chris! I hope you are enjoying every moment of your honeymoon in Charleston!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9502 HopeTaylorPhotography_9503 HopeTaylorPhotography_9504 HopeTaylorPhotography_9505

Ohhhh these details and that BOUQUET!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9506 HopeTaylorPhotography_9508 HopeTaylorPhotography_9507 HopeTaylorPhotography_9509  HopeTaylorPhotography_9512 HopeTaylorPhotography_9513 HopeTaylorPhotography_9514

One of my favorite moments from the wedding…I was crying the entire time!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9515 HopeTaylorPhotography_9516 HopeTaylorPhotography_9517 HopeTaylorPhotography_9518 HopeTaylorPhotography_9519

The light in this getting ready room…seriously a photographer’s dream 🙂

HopeTaylorPhotography_9521 HopeTaylorPhotography_9522 HopeTaylorPhotography_9520 HopeTaylorPhotography_9523 HopeTaylorPhotography_9524 HopeTaylorPhotography_9525 HopeTaylorPhotography_9526 HopeTaylorPhotography_9527

Such a sweet first look!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9528 HopeTaylorPhotography_9530 HopeTaylorPhotography_9532 HopeTaylorPhotography_9533 HopeTaylorPhotography_9534 HopeTaylorPhotography_9535

COOPER!!! So glad we got to incorporate their baby into these photos!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9536 HopeTaylorPhotography_9537 HopeTaylorPhotography_9538 HopeTaylorPhotography_9539 HopeTaylorPhotography_9540 HopeTaylorPhotography_9541 HopeTaylorPhotography_9542 HopeTaylorPhotography_9544 HopeTaylorPhotography_9545 HopeTaylorPhotography_9546 HopeTaylorPhotography_9547 HopeTaylorPhotography_9548 HopeTaylorPhotography_9549 HopeTaylorPhotography_9550 HopeTaylorPhotography_9551 HopeTaylorPhotography_9552 HopeTaylorPhotography_9553 HopeTaylorPhotography_9554 HopeTaylorPhotography_9555 HopeTaylorPhotography_9556 HopeTaylorPhotography_9557 HopeTaylorPhotography_9558 HopeTaylorPhotography_9559 HopeTaylorPhotography_9560

Annnnnd…cue the downpour!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9561 HopeTaylorPhotography_9562 HopeTaylorPhotography_9563 HopeTaylorPhotography_9564 HopeTaylorPhotography_9565 HopeTaylorPhotography_9566 HopeTaylorPhotography_9567 HopeTaylorPhotography_9568 HopeTaylorPhotography_9569 HopeTaylorPhotography_9570 HopeTaylorPhotography_9571 HopeTaylorPhotography_9572 HopeTaylorPhotography_9574 HopeTaylorPhotography_9573 HopeTaylorPhotography_9575 HopeTaylorPhotography_9576 HopeTaylorPhotography_9577 HopeTaylorPhotography_9578 HopeTaylorPhotography_9579 HopeTaylorPhotography_9580

One of my favorite shots of Drews!! Love this!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9581 HopeTaylorPhotography_9582 HopeTaylorPhotography_9584 HopeTaylorPhotography_9585 HopeTaylorPhotography_9586 HopeTaylorPhotography_9587 HopeTaylorPhotography_9588 HopeTaylorPhotography_9589 HopeTaylorPhotography_9590 HopeTaylorPhotography_9591 HopeTaylorPhotography_9592

Thank you so much to the incredible creative team that made this day happen:

Venue: The Gardens of Hickoryland Farms

Hair: Larry Buchannon

Makeup: Victoria Phillips

Planner: Rayna Wallen -Always Planned

Florist: Rayna Wallen

DJ: Matt Krupp from Select Sounds KY

Caterer: Sassy Spoon Catering

Gown Designer: Hayley Paige

Gown Retailer: Twirl Boutique

Videographer: Megan Angel

Cake: Lisa Wilhite Gregory

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