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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Mel + Brian An Elegant Blue Valley Vineyard Wedding | Delaplane, VA


When we arrived at Blue Valley Vineyard on Saturday, it was HOT. Like 105 degrees, heat advisory, dripping sweat right when you get step outside kind of hot. It was one of the hottest days we’ve had here in VA so far this month but one of my favorite things about Mel and Brian’s wedding day was that not one person let it bother them. No one mentioned the heat, not a single guest complained, and everyone was so full of joy to be celebrating alongside Mel and Brain. And you would never be able to tell when looking at the photos!! It was so beautiful and I loved every second of it! Then, right as the outdoor ceremony began, clouds rolled in and cooled it off just for them. As we finished up portraits, the clouds got a little darker and within SECONDS of finishing up…the sky opened up into a huge downpour that cooled off everything just in time for more sunset portraits during the ceremony. Everything was perfectly timed!!!

Mel and Brian’s wedding day was amazing in so many ways. These two and their families are so much FUN, Drew and I were laughing almost the entire day! We couldn’t have asked for a better couple (or vendor team!) to work with!

Mel & Brian: I hope you two are enjoying every second of your amazing honeymoon!!! Enjoy some of my favorites from your big day!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9123 HopeTaylorPhotography_9124

Mel is an earth science teacher and lover of rocks and geodes…so she incorporated them into her wedding details and I LOVE every detail shot because of it!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9125 HopeTaylorPhotography_9126 HopeTaylorPhotography_9127 HopeTaylorPhotography_9128

The color of these bridesmaids dresses…in love!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9129 HopeTaylorPhotography_9130 HopeTaylorPhotography_9131 HopeTaylorPhotography_9132 HopeTaylorPhotography_9133 HopeTaylorPhotography_9134 HopeTaylorPhotography_9135 HopeTaylorPhotography_9136

So much joy!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9137 HopeTaylorPhotography_9138

Daddy-Daughter first look…so sweet!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9139 HopeTaylorPhotography_9140 HopeTaylorPhotography_9141 HopeTaylorPhotography_9142 HopeTaylorPhotography_9143 HopeTaylorPhotography_9144 HopeTaylorPhotography_9145 HopeTaylorPhotography_9146 HopeTaylorPhotography_9147 HopeTaylorPhotography_9148 HopeTaylorPhotography_9149 HopeTaylorPhotography_9150 HopeTaylorPhotography_9151 HopeTaylorPhotography_9152 HopeTaylorPhotography_9153 HopeTaylorPhotography_9154 HopeTaylorPhotography_9155 HopeTaylorPhotography_9156


HopeTaylorPhotography_9157 HopeTaylorPhotography_9158 HopeTaylorPhotography_9159 HopeTaylorPhotography_9160 HopeTaylorPhotography_9161 HopeTaylorPhotography_9162 HopeTaylorPhotography_9163 HopeTaylorPhotography_9164 HopeTaylorPhotography_9165 HopeTaylorPhotography_9166

Those mountain views, though!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9167 HopeTaylorPhotography_9168 HopeTaylorPhotography_9169 HopeTaylorPhotography_9170 HopeTaylorPhotography_9171 HopeTaylorPhotography_9172 HopeTaylorPhotography_9173 HopeTaylorPhotography_9174 HopeTaylorPhotography_9175 HopeTaylorPhotography_9176 HopeTaylorPhotography_9177 HopeTaylorPhotography_9178 HopeTaylorPhotography_9179 HopeTaylorPhotography_9180 HopeTaylorPhotography_9181 HopeTaylorPhotography_9182 HopeTaylorPhotography_9183 HopeTaylorPhotography_9184 HopeTaylorPhotography_9185 HopeTaylorPhotography_9186 HopeTaylorPhotography_9187 HopeTaylorPhotography_9188 HopeTaylorPhotography_9189

Thank you so much to the incredible team of vendors who made this day happen:

Venue: Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery

Hair: Jewel Hair Design

Makeup: Makeup by Shirin

Florist: Everlasting Flowers

Planner: Diane Hernandez of Whimsy Events

DJ: MSE Productions

Caterer: Amphora Catering

Gown Designer & Retailer: Mori Lee from Formal Envy

Transportation: Choice Limousine

Dessert: Donuts by Amphora

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  1. Such beautiful colors! And love the incorporation of rocks and geodes and how they were more than just for looks, they were meaningful to the bride!

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