Girly Pink Bridal Shower at Quirk Hotel Remy Biase | Richmond, VA

For the last few months, I have been keeping a secret behind-the-scenes with Caroline. Remy, one of my sweet brides, was having a SURPRISE bridal shower thrown by her sweet momma and I was going to be there to photograph it ALL. (You may remember Remy from her beautiful OBX engagement session, because she is just so dang cute! ) We started making the plans back in December, and I had to keep it a secret this ENTIRE time (even when I saw Remy at my March workshop!) The day finally arrived on Saturday, and Drew and I were giddy with excitement all morning just waiting to see her reaction!

When we arrived at Quirk Hotel  to see the set-up, we were wide-eyed in awe. Caroline did an INCREDIBLE job designing the space to be all things fun, girly and BRIDAL! We photographed details while we waited for Remy to arrive. She had absolutely NO idea what was in store…and we knew her reaction was going to be amazing! When she finally arrived at Quirk and walked into HER bridal shower, there were tears all around!

I just adore Remy (and Eli!) and cannot wait to photograph their wedding day this summer! I am so lucky I was able to be a part of Remy’s surprise shower, and I hope you enjoy some of my favorite moments from the celebration:

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We LOVE you Remy!!!




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April 11, 2017


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