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Instagram is a hot topic in the creative industry right now. Well, it’s a hot topic in any business, really! Because, as I’m typing this, it is the most popular and most successful social media network to find potential clients (and fingers crossed that won’t change anytime soon!) But, that means there’s one massive question on everyone’s minds: how do I use Instagram as a tool to better my business?

I’ve done quite a few posts on this topic (find them here, here and here, to start!) but this is the one I think I’m MOST excited to share. Because, for the first time, I’m sharing FIVE things you can do, right this second, to better your Instagram presence. It’s my brand new, 100% free E-book that I’ve been dying to get up on the blog! Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

-How I plan and schedule my Instagram feed

-The exact apps that I use to edit my Instagram images to appear more professional

-The rules that I follow in my own Instagram to create better interaction

-How to brainstorm “connection points” and what they can mean for your audience

-Perfecting your Instagram bio (and what this does for your viewers)

-Why you may be lacking interaction in your current Instagram posts

-The reason you may feel like people aren’t connecting with you

-Ways to ensure you will be reaching more ideal clients

-And more!

Ready to get your hands on the E-book!? Good! Just click below to download your very own free copy! And, if you enjoy it, share this blog post with another business owner who could benefit, too!


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February 16, 2017


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