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This is a MAC DADDY of a blog post…hahaha!! If you didn’t see earlier this week, I shared my Best of Engagements 2018 post. This time of year is when I share all of my FAVORITE work from the previous year…and I absolutely love it! I go through every single wedding gallery that I created (which means tens of thousands of photos!!!) and select my favorite photos from each gallery. A “favorite” image can be because of pretty much anything: an emotional moment, a composition that I loved, a tricky shooting situation that I was able to turn into something beautiful, a detail that caught my eye…and pretty much anything that stretched my creativity throughout the year. Photographing weddings can get monotonous…but only if you let it!!! I love finding ways to create new angles, compositions, detail layouts, poses and ways to add creativity into my client’s wedding galleries (and my own portfolio!)

I won’t type too long here (because you have a LOT of photos to scroll through!!!) so, without further ado, here are my FAVORITE wedding images of 2018!!!

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Reception images aren’t something that I highlight very often on social media, but shots like this are some of my favorite from every wedding I shoot!

2019-01-04_0078 2019-01-04_0079 View More: View More: View More: 2019-01-04_0083

I absolutely LOVE getting creative with details in tight spaces! For the dress shot on the left, there was a patterned carpet with some not-so-cute colors and really ugly blinds on the door. So, we hung the dresses for this shot, rearranged the carpet (and almost the entire room!) and ended up using the dresses as the backdrop for all of the getting ready images of the bride and her mom!

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These images are from my 2018 Workshop styled shoot and I just LOVE them!!! The vendor team did an absolutely amazing job!

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Gah this LIGHT!!!

2019-01-04_0088 2019-01-04_0089

Shooting in front of the Biltmore and accidentally having it all to ourselves…amazing!!!!

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I’ll never forget feeling like I was LIVING in the Beauty & the Beast movie while shooting these!!

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This whole bridal party walked 3 blocks with me when I said “trust me, the pink fluffy tree will be worth it”!!!

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It poured and poured and poured right up until we took these images…and they are still so gorgeous!

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That dress!!!

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Stephanie reading her vows to Jason’s daughter as their family became one…so special!

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Praying over the bride before she goes to see her groom!!!

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LOVED the uniqueness of these details!!!

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Chelsea Kaye and her dad right before they walked down the aisle…

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Celebrating the last song with your amazing maid of honor!!!

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The SWEETEST first look moment (captured by one of my amazing interns!!!)

2019-01-04_0150 2019-01-04_0151 2019-01-04_0152 2019-01-04_0153 2019-01-04_0154 View More: View More: View More:

Seeing her reception decor for the first time!!!

2019-01-04_0158 2019-01-04_0159 View More: View More: 2019-01-04_0162 2019-01-04_0163 2019-01-04_0164 View More: View More: View More: 2019-01-04_0168

MARRIED!!! This moment walking back down the aisle as husband and wife will always be one of my most FAVORITE to capture!!!

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The first quiet moment as husband and wife after the ceremony <3

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When you raise cows, they HAVE to be a part of your wedding portraits…

2019-01-04_0173 2019-01-04_0174

Getting ready with her sister (and best friend!!!)

2019-01-04_0175 View More: 2019-01-04_0177 2019-01-04_0178 2019-01-04_0179 2019-01-04_0180 2019-01-04_0181 2019-01-04_0182

About to be a WIFE!!!!

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Stood on a very tall ledge for this…worth it!!!

2019-01-04_0201 View More: View More: 2019-01-04_0204 View More: 2019-01-04_0206 2019-01-04_0207 View More: View More: View More: 2019-01-04_0211 2019-01-04_0212 View More: 2019-01-04_0214

The coolest getaway ever!!!

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