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This week of blog posts is easily my FAVORITE of each year. After the end of every shooting season, I go back through tens of THOUSANDS of photos and select my absolute favorites from each gallery. It’s a LONG process…but it is so rewarding!!! I get to re-live so many amazing memories, clients and locations that I had the chance to photograph throughout the year. I also get to see the PATTERNS in my work that qualify as my “favorites”…which are so interesting to see! You can see the past year’s favorite engagement images here: 2017, 2016, 2015 (CRAZY to see how my work has grown!!!)

2018 was filled with some incredible Hope Taylor couples (as always!!!) and some even better shooting locations: The amazing Greenbrier Resort, the beaches of Emerald Isle, a private farm in Wisconsin, the steps of the Library of Congress, client’s beautiful homes all across Virginia, stunning wineries (including ones I had been wanting to shoot for YEARS) and more! Reviewing these galleries just reminds me of how GRATEFUL I am for clients who allow me the privilege of traveling all over the country to capture the sweetest season of their lives.

Without further ado, here are my FAVORITE engagement (and couples) images from 2018! Happy scrolling!!!

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The Greenbrier Resort is an INCREDIBLE location to shoot – and also VERY tricky! The eclectic colors throughout the entire property make it tough to find the perfect locations without wonky skin tones. LOVED this spot we found!

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We shot this engagement session in Wisconsin…the NIGHT before the wedding! It was so much fun and so special!!


It was FRIGID outside for these!!! I’m pretty sure I remember it being in the 20s or colder…but they were TROOPERS.

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There was SO much traveling the week of this shoot…I was in 3 different states in one week! But it was SO worth it!!!

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These images weren’t for an engagement session…they were for my COURSE filming!!! But these two WERE engaged, and married in September!!! You’ll see them again in the “Best of Weddings” post on Thursday!!

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This was my FIRST engagement session of the year!!! It was so special to me – and so are these two!!

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I could have photographed at this location ALLLLL day! We shot all the way until AFTER the sun had gone down – haha! I was having way too much fun!

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My parents LIVE in this neighborhood….but somehow I had never photographed on these docks!! It was SO pretty!!!

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Shooting at the Capitals hockey facility…still can’t believe I got to do this!!!

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I wanted to include SO MANY of these umbrella shots!!!

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Can you tell I love this pose!? Haha!!

2019-01-04_0068 2019-01-04_0069 2019-01-04_0070 2019-01-04_0071 View More: 2019-01-04_0073 View More: 2019-01-04_0075

SO WINDY!!! But she rocked the Beyonce wind-blown hair!!!


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