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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Regina: Boutique Spring Senior Session in Downtown Fredericksburg Hope Taylor Seniors

Senior Sessions

Guys…SENIORS ARE BACK!!! If you’ve been following for a bit, you may have noticed that I didn’t photograph many seniors last year. And it was intentional! I had to cut out an area of my business to allow room to create courses and education. It was SO hard and I’ve missed it so much. I opened up dates a few months ago for a handful of seniors and am officially booked through the entire spring. CRAZY!!! It felt SO good to get behind my camera and photograph seniors again…and I would say the senior season kicked off to an AMAZING start!!!

Regina is absolutely adorable. She booked a boutique experience with Monkee’s of Fredericksburg. This means that she paid extra for an upgraded package where she was able to shop the entire store on the day of her shoot and wear anything she’d like!!! This experience is always SO much fun!! It’s like being a real life Barbie doll for a day! Plus, then my seniors don’t have to stress about outfits and knowing what they wear will photograph well. I work with the stylists at Monkee’s to put together the PERFECT wardrobe that reflects their personality!

We explored so many of my favorite spots in downtown Fredericksburg and the flowers were in PERFECT bloom!! We even found a hidden rose bush that was absolutely stunning…just you wait and see as you scroll!!! Enjoy some of my favorites of Regina! I’m SO happy that #hopetaylorseniors are back!!!


Regina was truly such a natural!!

2019-04-15_0002 2019-04-15_0003 2019-04-15_0004 2019-04-15_0005

Always love a good flower petal falling shot!!!

2019-04-15_0006 2019-04-15_0007 2019-04-15_0008 2019-04-15_0009 2019-04-15_0010 2019-04-15_0011 2019-04-15_0012 2019-04-15_0013

You should have seen us dodging stepping on flowers for the shot on the right!!!

2019-04-15_0014 2019-04-15_0015

We were walking to a totally different location when I spotted these yellow flowers…I’m so glad we stopped!!!

2019-04-15_0016 2019-04-15_0017 2019-04-15_0018 2019-04-15_0019 2019-04-15_0020 2019-04-15_0021 2019-04-15_0022 2019-04-15_0023 2019-04-15_0024 2019-04-15_0025

Okay get ready…we’re getting into some of my FAVES!!!

2019-04-15_0027 2019-04-15_0028 2019-04-15_0029


2019-04-15_0030 2019-04-15_0031 2019-04-15_0032 2019-04-15_0033

These flowers!!! And the sun hat!!!

2019-04-15_0034 2019-04-15_0035

Another fave!!!

2019-04-15_0036 2019-04-15_0037

Fave x3!!!

2019-04-15_0038 2019-04-15_0039 2019-04-15_0040 2019-04-15_0041 2019-04-15_0042 2019-04-15_0043

Always love when my seniors bring their pups!!!

2019-04-15_0044 2019-04-15_0045

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