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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Happy Tuesday sweet friends!!! I can’t believe it’s already April…time is FLYING!!! Last weekend was Easter and it was such a jam-packed weekend of incredible new memories and celebrating the sweet love of Jesus. My heart is so full this week! And, because April is here…it means SENIOR season is kicking back off for the spring and summer! I have two senior sessions this week and it got me thinking about what the senior side of my business USED to look like. It inspired this blog post today and I’m so excited to be sharing this with you in hope that it is a blessing to your business!!

I don’t know about you… but in the early seasons of my business, one of my toughest struggles was working with clients that VALUED their senior experience. I wanted so badly to work with clients who were EXCITED about their experience, put tons of thought into their outfits, invested in hair and makeup and overall knew that their senior portrait experience was IMPORTANT. And I found myself getting FRUSTRATED with my clients when they didn’t show up in outfits that were well-planned, their makeup wasn’t camera ready or they just didn’t understand what to expect at their portrait session. But after months of this frustration…I realized that is was MY responsibility to be educating my clients on these topics!! I am photographing seniors in high school which means that they have most likely not worked with a professional photographer in this way before. How in the heck were they supposed to know what to wear and how to do camera-ready makeup? They weren’t!!! It was MY job as their photographer to educate them and EQUIP them with everything they needed to have a successful senior experiences that we were BOTH excited about!

Because of this thought process…the Senior Style Guide was born!!! This PDF is what I send to my senior clients after booking to educate them on what to expect and how to prepare for their senior session experience. It includes things like:

-A welcome letter

-The importance of being on time

-Tips for what to wear and preparing outfits

-Outfit inspiration

-Professional hair and makeup artist recommendations

-What to do if professional makeup ISN’T in the budget

-Tips & tricks for a successful senior experience!

I have had multiple versions of this document…and I finally feel like I’ve perfected it!! So, I’m sharing it with you today for FREE!!! You can download my exact Senior Style Guide with the button below. My hope is that this document can provide inspiration for you to create your very own version of a Senior Style Guide!! Let me know in the comments below how you plan to implement client education into your client experience!!!


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  1. Valentina says:

    We don’t shoot seniors but your guides are always beautiful 😀 so…thank you!

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I'm Hope Taylor, an international Senior Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Charleston, SC. I'm also an educator, international speaker, and the host of multiple sold-out workshops each year!



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