Spring Engagement Session at Brookeside Gardens Danielle and Matt | Wheaton, MD

It’s officially my spring shooting season…which means I get to share #alltheprettythings on the blog! AH!!! I kicked off a super busy week of THREE shoots last week, and I’m equally excited to share each one of them!!! I kicked things off with Danielle and Matt’s engagement session at Brookeside Gardens in Maryland. I always love photographing at new locations because it is such a fun challenge and brings out my creativity. I was a little nervous going into the shoot because Danielle had her heart set on incorporating flowers…but a lot of the flowers in Fredericksburg, where I live, were past their prime. When I arrived at Brookeside, I was BLOWN AWAY by the number of gorgeous blooms!!!

We had to move Danielle and Matt’s shoot up an hour to avoid some storms in the area, and we NAILED it on timing! Right as we were finishing up, the dark clouds rolled in that would’ve made it almost too dark to shoot. I had an absolute blast exploring Brookeside with these two and can’t WAIT for their wedding later this year! Enjoy some of my favorites!!!

2019-05-06_0006 2019-05-06_0007

These two were truly naturals from the very beginning!

2019-05-06_0008 2019-05-06_0009 2019-05-06_0010 2019-05-06_0011

LOVED this gorgeous area with these pink bushes!!!

2019-05-06_0012 2019-05-06_0013 2019-05-06_0014

This may be my fave set of pics!!!

2019-05-06_0015 2019-05-06_0016 2019-05-06_0017 2019-05-06_0018 2019-05-06_0019

More faves!! I kept having Danielle back up closer and closer to the flowers…she was practically standing IN the bush. She was such a trooper about it!!! And look at those shots! So worth it!

2019-05-06_0020 2019-05-06_0021 2019-05-06_0022 2019-05-06_0023 2019-05-06_0025 2019-05-06_0026 2019-05-06_0027 2019-05-06_0028 2019-05-06_0029

So gorgeous!!!

2019-05-06_0030 2019-05-06_0031 2019-05-06_0032 2019-05-06_0034 2019-05-06_0035 2019-05-06_0036 2019-05-06_0037 2019-05-06_0038 2019-05-06_0039 2019-05-06_0040 2019-05-06_0041 2019-05-06_0042 2019-05-06_0043 2019-05-06_0044


May 7, 2019


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