My first official shoot living in Savannah!!! And it was DREAMY! Lilia and Steven were visiting Savannah for their anniversary last weekend. She is a photographer herself (always SUCH an honor) and she reached out to me to see if we could squeeze in a shoot while they were here. Typically, I do not offer […]

I’ve said it over and over and I’ll keep saying it…having a photographer trust me to capture their photos is SUCH an honor! G is a sweet friend of mine and an amazing photographer  in Charleston, and we have been planning these anniversary portraits fo SO long! They had to be rescheduled more times than […]

The dreamiest of Charleston summer shoots is coming your way!! Meredith and Mitch traveled all the way to Charleston from Richmond, VA for their engagement session last week. Before their shoot, we had 3 straight weeks of non-stop rain and thunderstorms…so I was a little nervous that the forecast said rain for their shoot date […]

This session was such a sweet and special one. Elise is a photographer herself, and she is not located here in Charleston. We booked this session halfway through 2020…but ended up having to reschedule countless times due to sickness, family emergencies, poor weather…you name it! So, when the day finally rolled around for this shoot […]

This blog post is a testament to the fact that even people with strong systems in place in their business miss things!!! This entire week I SWORE I had already blogged Jamie and Adam’s anniversary session…but I didn’t!! I still don’t know how that happened! But, these cuties were traveling through Charleston at the end […]

I’ve said it on the blog SO many times and I’ll say it over and over again: one of the BEST emails I can get is an inquiry from another photographer!!! When Madison emailed me that her and her fiancé, Christian, would be in Charleston and wanted me to capture some portraits for them… I […]

Goodness gracious I have been so excited about this shoot for SO long!!! Julianna reached out to me all the way back in February the SAME DAY that she got engaged. I photographed her older sister Kat’s wedding last July, and I had SO much fun working with their entire family. When I saw Jules’ […]

Oh my goodness, I love this shoot SO much!! Michael reached out to me back in April to inquire about a proposal he was planning for his girlfriend, Betsy. Just from his initial inquiry alone, I could tell that Michael was beyond thoughtful, and that he wanted to make this moment a surprise for Betsy. […]



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