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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Lauren’s Glowy Riverside Senior Session in Fredericksburg, VA Hope Taylor Seniors

Senior Sessions

My LAST senior session in Virginia. WHAT!?!? The blog posts this week all have the same theme…because they are all my LAST work captured in Fredericksburg, VA before I moved to Charleston over the weekend. I clearly still haven’t even wrapped my mind around it!! Lauren and her mom were so wonderful and flexible with me leading up to this shoot. They were originally scheduled for early August, which would have meant I’d move to Charleston, stay for less than a week and turn around to fly home for this shoot! It was going to be stressful, so they graciously rescheduled to July so I could squeeze them in before I left. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated this! But, when the new date for Lauren’s shoot rolled around, it was 114 degrees. 114!!! We had heat advisories and warnings plastered everywhere. And, to top it all off, a storm started to roll in and it started thundering within the first 10 minutes of us shooting. But, guess what? Lauren ROCKED. IT. OUT. despite all the things going wrong with the weather! Truly – you can’t even tell in these images that it was this hot!! And we STILL got glowy light – even with a storm rolling in!!

This girl has the sweetest, bubbly personality and I ADORED photographing her. She had the best style (and the best family!!) that made the shoot that much more fun. We had initially planned to go to 2-3 different locations…but we changed our mind when the storm started rolling in. We stayed at the same spot for this entire shoot to ensure we could maximize shooting time if it did start to downpour…but you can’t even tell that all of the spots in this blog posts were within a few steps of each other!! SO grateful that they trusted me in what could have been a super stressful situation!

Lauren, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your senior portraits – and for making my last shoot in VA so special!! I hope you have the BEST senior year at Massaponax!!

2019-07-25_0033 2019-07-25_0034 2019-07-25_0035

Love this one!! Her natural giggle was SO cute!

2019-07-25_0036 2019-07-25_0037 2019-07-25_0038 2019-07-25_0039 2019-07-25_0040 2019-07-25_0041 2019-07-25_0042

LOOOVEE this one!

2019-07-25_0043 2019-07-25_0044

Another serious fave!

2019-07-25_0045 2019-07-25_0046 2019-07-25_0047

I’m so grateful when my clients are up for anything…including sitting on muddy rocks to get the shot!

2019-07-25_0048 2019-07-25_0049 2019-07-25_0050 2019-07-25_0051 2019-07-25_0052 2019-07-25_0053 2019-07-25_0054 2019-07-25_0055 2019-07-25_0056 2019-07-25_0057 2019-07-25_0058 2019-07-25_0059

The one on the left may be my favorite from the entire shoot!

2019-07-25_0060 2019-07-25_0061 2019-07-25_0062 2019-07-25_0063 2019-07-25_0064 2019-07-25_0065

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