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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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2019 Gift Guide: For Creatives My favorite goodies & gift ideas!

For Photographers

Yesterday I shared my FIRST gift guide of 2019…Gifts FOR HER! Today, I’m sharing my personal fave guide: Gift for CREATIVES! This guide is full of my favorite things related specifically to being a creative biz owner! Some are photography-specific, but most are perfect gifts for any creative in your life! The list includes my fave biz resources, photography must-haves and things that make my daily work life better!

These gift guides include things I have sourced from my Instagram DMs, my most frequently asked questions and some of my own favorites things! They are of varying price points (some would make great stocking stuffers, while some would be a much larger gift!) but my hope is that you can find some things you LOVE to buy for a loved one, or to add to your own wish list this year! *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission if you purchase the item from that link. But, I never share items with you that I don’t personally use and recommend – so it’s just an added bonus ūüėČ

Fotostrap Memory Card Wallet 

Ya’ll…I stinking love this!!! Fotostrap is one of my fave companies for photography accessories overall. But, this year, they created a brand new product that I am LOVING! It is a custom “wallet” for your memory cards on wedding days! They are made of leather and can be engraved with anything you’d like. Such a fun, beautiful gift that is also SUPER practical!! I use these on every single shoot and wedding!

Rose Gold Glitter Laptop Case 

I get compliments and questions about this ALL the time! Uniqfind has tons of wonderful options for laptop covers/stickers – but mine is the rose gold glitter and the quality is AWESOME! I’ve had it for over a year and love it SO much!


I include this every year…but with good reason!! If you’ve heard a creative in your life talking about needing a CRM program or a way to organize their client experience…Honeybook is it!!! I’ve even hooked you up with a 50% off link! You can see how I use Honeybook in my biz in THIS video!

Legal Paige Contract

Another SUPER practical and helpful option for any biz owner!!! Paige has so many wonderful resources in her shop for any creative small biz owner. She sells contracts, policies and documents to help make your business legal – which I promise you is the most stressful part of owning a business for almost any biz owner you ask!!!

Banana Republic Black Jumpsuit

I think this may be the thing that I get the MOST Instagram messages about after every single wedding!!! I own THREE of this jumpsuit because I wear it to photograph almost every single wedding. It is THAT comfortable!!! The wide pant legs make it super easy to move and shoot in any scenario on wedding days. It’s the perfect option for hot weddings because it is sleeveless – and I can just throw a coat or cardigan over it on the colder days!

Blue Light Glasses

I share about these often, but they totally deserve to be included again this year because I SWEAR by them! I wear these blue light blocking glasses every. single. day. to help prevent headaches and eye strain from looking at the computer so often. The reason I love this brand is because the glasses do NOT have a weird yellow tint – so I can do all my usual work (editing, designing, etc.) with them on!¬† THESE are my fave pair – use code “HOPE” for $5 off!

Creative Genius T-shirts 

I LOVE this sweet girl and this company!!! She has SO many cute gift ideas for creatives on her site (holiday ornaments, custom clutches for wedding details, custom wine glasses, etc.) – but I am LOVING her new “Creative Genius” products – perfect for any creative girl in your life!!

Black Rapid Camera Strap

Another popular question I receive when I am photographing a wedding! This camera strap allows my camera to hang upside down at my hip, making is easily accessible on wedding days and MUCH easier on my back and shoulders when shooting for extended periods of time. I’ve used it for YEARS and love it so much!

Rothy’s Shoes¬†

If you are in the creative industry at all, you’ve likely already heard about these! Rothy’s are designed to be the PERFECT stylish, professional and COMFORTABLE shoe for women who spend a lot of time on their feet. As a wedding photographer, these are now a NECESSITY for every wedding I photograph! Plus, I have the sneakers for day-to-day life – even when I’m not shooting! That’s how much I love them! These sneakers and lLoafers are my favorites!

Apple Watch

This is a pretty self-explanatory (and pricey!) gift option, but it’s the BEST gift if you are wanting to spoil your loved ones in the creative world! I use my Apple Watch at every single wedding to keep track of time, communicate with my team, look at my timeline and track my fitness stats for the day! It’s an awesome addition to make any creative’s life easier!

Courtney Inghram Ribbon Shop

Courtney is a sweet friend of mine who runs the most INCREDBILE floral biz – and she recently launched a Ribbon Shop! These hand-dyed ribbons are an AMAZING addition to any creative’s detail kit for wedding days, or even to customize their client gifts! They are also just so PRETTY!!!!

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