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I have just been DYING to share this post!!! If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw that I had TONS of friends in town last week starting on Thursday evening. I had so much fun exploring Charleston with everyone, but one of the highlights was definitely my GINGERBREAD PARTY!! Each year for as long as I can remember, my family has hosted a gingerbread party where we all decorate our own individual houses. I’ve always wanted to host an “adult” version of the party for all of my friends…and moving to Charleston gave me the perfect excuse to do it!!! I didn’t have my own home to host in, so I decided to rent a venue and go ALL OUT with the decor and food. I LOVE hosting a good party (thanks to momma Taylor for instilling that in me) and I knew I wanted this one to be over the top!

I hosted the party in the beautiful White Room venue in Mount Pleasant complete with rentals from Ruth’s House! I had a FULL day of set-up all day Friday, and I could not have done it without my family, Erika and Josh! I also asked Josh to FILM the party so I could have a recap video to remember it all and it is PERFECT!!! These memories are something that I will ALWAYS hold dear – I am so grateful for everyone who helped make it happen, and everyone who attended! I love you all!!!

For anyone who wants to host their own gingerbread party, here’s how it works:

-We purchased personal gingerbread kits from our local grocery store, and built them all the night before the party

-I purchased about a dozen bags of candy as the host, and each guest also brought a bag of colorful candy to share (instead of a hostess gift or wine!) – this allowed for everyone to have tons of variety to choose from!

-You can either make homemade icing, or just include the bag of icing that came with the gingerbread kit at everyone’s place

-We all mingled and ate apps for about an hour, then everyone collected candy from the “candy bar” and began decorating!!!

-Be sure to have a way for guests to take home their house safely! I had plastic bags for everyone to use, then they took the ribbon off of their seat to tie it closed (plus the gingerbread ornament as a party favor!)

Now for the best part – the pictures!!!

We had a hot cocoa bar that was SO fun!!! Crockpot hot cocoa + tons of topping options (and Bailey’s for anyone who wanted it!)

Thank goodness for Erika…she practically built this entire photo backdrop on her own!!!

Just the best!!!!

Plus some iPhone photos because I didn’t get any of me on camera!!! My romper is from Two Cumberland!!!


December 19, 2019


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