Rainy Sunrise Anniversary Portraits in Downtown Charleston Elise + Auke | Charleston, SC

This session was such a sweet and special one. Elise is a photographer herself, and she is not located here in Charleston. We booked this session halfway through 2020…but ended up having to reschedule countless times due to sickness, family emergencies, poor weather…you name it! So, when the day finally rolled around for this shoot and it seemed like we were going to be able to make it happen…we were OVERJOYED!! Until the weather forecast said thunderstorms. First 50%, then 60%…then 80% chance of full-fledge STORMS on the morning of their anniversary portraits. But, because Elise and Auke were driving through town solely to make these photos happen…we didn’t have a choice but to shoot anyways!

I packed up my car before 7am with multiple clear umbrellas, waterproof sneakers and my fingers crossed for a miracle. But, as I was driving towards downtown, I was watching the sky turn BLACK and flash with lightning. I made some last-minute changes to where we would be meeting so we would have some cover from the storm…and just hoped their would be enough light for us to shoot! The first 20 minutes of the session it continued to storm…but then we got a BREAK!! We had about 15 minutes to capture some images on Rainbow Row, which is exactly what Elise wanted. Then, on our way to our last location, the sky completely opened up and the storms got so bad that it truly wasn’t even safe to shoot anymore…so we cut the shoot early.  And ya’ll…I am SO PROUD of the images we got despite the craziness!!

Elise and Auke: thank you for entrusting me with capturing these precious memories for you both! Working with you and seeing the way that you two love each other and are best friends was so inspiring. I hope to see you back in Charleston soon! XO!

So much joy as there was a literal storm happening around us!! Love!

This one’s a favorite!

The quickest break from the rain!!

SO sweet!

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August 26, 2021

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