Sunrise Anniversary Portraits at Forsyth Park Lilia + Steven | Savannah, GA.

My first official shoot living in Savannah!!! And it was DREAMY! Lilia and Steven were visiting Savannah for their anniversary last weekend. She is a photographer herself (always SUCH an honor) and she reached out to me to see if we could squeeze in a shoot while they were here. Typically, I do not offer portrait sessions on the weekends…but it just so happened I was wide open that weekend, so we made a sunrise shoot happen! And the light was TO-DIE-FOR! We exploring Forsyth Park, the surrounding historic district, and the beautiful waterfront. I had photographed very little at all of these locations…so it was SO exciting!! I got to use my creativity to find new spots and I had so much fun with these two.

Lilia and Steven are SO sweet together – it’s clear they are best friends who love supporting one another. Lilia has AMAZING style and we spent weeks texting back and forth about her outfits…and she NAILED. IT. with her final choices! Just you wait! Enjoy scrolling through all of my favorites!

A favorite already!!! Right at the beginning!

This moss. This light. SO GOOD!

Another favorite!!!

The MUST-HAVE Savannah photo at Forsyth Park. I LOVE.

Still not over the glow!!!

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October 7, 2021

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